4 Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent to Find a New House

4 Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent to Find a New House

With soaring interest rates and the cost of living today, prospective homebuyers may be tempted to house shop without the help of a professional real estate agent. However, it’s critical to understand that if you go the do-it-yourself route, you should be prepared to spend amount as much time as you would by having a part-time job. Additionally, you still won’t likely get as good of a deal as you would by using a real estate agent. Here are 4 benefits you will have while home shopping with a real estate agent.

1. They Have Access to Professional Networks Like MLS

Real estate professionals have several ways they network with one another to discover deals they can pass on the the homebuyer. They are constantly interacting with one another and finding out about properties each of them has uncovered. It would be impossible for most people to have that much interaction and information in their own communication circles.

Real estate agents also have access to a powerful tool known as MLS (Multiple Listing Service). This real estate industry network alerts them to new listings and events like open houses. Unless you work with a real estate agent, you won’t have access to this information.

2. They Are Familiar With the Market

Real estate agents know the current trends in the local market. Small municipality trends may be different than they are on a national level. They monitor changes so they can advise their clients of all the erratic details.

An experienced real estate agent completely understands the area they work in. They can answer specific questions about a neighborhood such as if it’s safe, convenient for shopping, and amenities like parks and walking trails. If you have children, you’ll certainly want to find out information about the local schools. Real estate agents make knowing the quality of the schools a priority.

3. They Can Help With the Paperwork

Buying a home goes hand in hand with folders filled with documents from the written and signed offer and counteroffer to small details. Although you should retain files yourself, you can depend on a real estate agent to keep copies of information organized and in a safe place should you need it in the future. Some jurisdictions require licensed agents to keep copies of all transactional documents for several years. They can answer your future questions about the property.

4. They Help Avoid Problems at Closing

A home sales closing can turn into a nightmare in the 11th hour. Problems with the lender meeting the timeline or a title that’s not yet free and clear because a relative hasn’t signed off on the transaction are examples of headaches in the final stages. Real estate agents are experienced in dealing with any challenging issues that may arise. They will work to see that all involved stay on task and complete them promptly.

Even though you might think you’ll save money by selling your own house, you won’t have the expert knowledge of a real estate agent to guide you through the process. The next time you’re selling a house, look for a reputable agent in your area to assist you throughout the process.