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4 Home Improvement Projects for the Lockdown

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4 Home Improvement Projects for the Lockdown

If you are facing long periods of time at home, as we face global lockdowns, you might be thinking this is a golden opportunity to get a few improvements done around the property, which is better than sitting around doing nothing. Here are a few home improvement ideas you might like to consider while under lockdown.

  1. Kitchen Make-Over – Of course, there are many ways you can improve your kitchen, which happens to be the busiest room in the house where the family like to hang out in the early mornings. Have a look at Vispac floor covering, with stunning luxury vinyl designs and you can match up with your solid timber floor in the living room. Thanks to online shopping, you can acquire everything you need and have the materials delivered to your door, which is ideal. Once you’ve set the delivery date, you can make all the necessary preparations and get started by removing things you no longer need.
  2. Bathroom Facelift – If your lino flooring in the bathroom has seen better days, luxury vinyl is the way to go, as premier vinyl is waterproof and will last for many years and there are some exciting timber, stone and slate designs. While you are working on the bathroom, why not change the ceramic tiles and repaint the walls? Ceramic tiles come in many different colours and designs and with a Google search, you can be viewing a range of quality bathroom tiles, all at affordable prices. You could have some bespoke storage created by a local joiner and a new digital shower unit installed, which will become a family favourite. If you live in a cold climate, you should examine all of your domestic heating options and you might find one that saves you money.
  3. The Terrace – Of course, a lot depends on what you currently have in the way of an outdoor rest and relaxation area and if you are looking to replace that timber decking with stone pavers, there are some great products out there. For the ultimate in permanent shading, you could have a retractable roof that is made to measure, which is a significant investment that would add to the value of the property. New garden furniture and some added greenery would turn your terrace into a pleasant shaded area for the whole family to enjoy.
  4. Loft Conversion – If you have empty space inside your roof, why not make the most from it and convert the loft into a study or bedroom? This might seem like an ambitious project, yet you do not require planning permission, as you are not extending any of your property dimensions. The flooring is the first step, which could be thick plywood that is nailed directly onto the joists and then covered with vinyl tiles. Cladding with composite sheets of vinyl will transform the space, while a couple of skylights will provide natural light and essential ventilation. If you are living in Thailand, here is some government information about the current Covid-19 situation, which is regularly updated.

Whatever project you have in mind, you can order to materials and any tools you might need from the online supplier, who will deliver to your door, often for free.