Options You Have to Heat Your Home or Business

Heating costs in cold climates can be extremely expensive during the coldest months. You might be thinking of replacing your current heating system but are not sure where to start. Doing the appropriate research on heating options is essential. You might be able to save money monthly simply by switching which will cost an initial investment. You might be limited in the options that you have as electricity might not run out to your property and you run on a generator. Others might utilize a combination of methods to heat their home or business during the winter. The following are the options that you have to heat your home or business. 


Propane can be a great way to heat your home or business. Commercial propane can be delivered on a regular basis in order to provide convenience. A propane truck pulling up to refill tanks can allow you to never worry about your employees suffering from the cold due to the electric going out due to snow. Propane is also cheaper to heat water than electric and many other heating methods. 

Using Solar Power to Lower Bills

The issue with solar power in the winter is the limited amount of sunlight in certain locations. Places like Florida and Southern California have no shortage of sunlight but can be overcast for days at a time. Neither of these locations gets too cold for very long periods of time so heating usually isn’t an issue. Solar panels can be great although they are expensive and have to be replaced over time. These panels can also be damaged in storms which might not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance if you didn’t notify the company you had panels installed.


The electric companies have a monopoly on the energy industry in many capacities. This is rarely the most reliable form of heat as grids overloading during winter leads to brownouts. The last thing you want is to endure cold due to relying on space heaters and an HVAC system that both rely on electricity to keep you warm. The electric company can also charge whatever it wants per kilowatt as there is rarely local competition among utility providers. Space heaters can be used in rooms that get extremely cold or by employees individually. There always seems to be thermostat wars in the office that can get very heated, see what I did there? 


Fireplaces are commonly used in homes but in today’s world, a number of businesses are run out of homes. Homes are also converted into office spaces especially when they have an incredible location. Fireplaces come with smoke which can make people at a business uncomfortable. Air purifiers in the office with a fire going might put a dent in the smoke but will not eliminate it completely. Chopping wood is also something that you need to consider for your business or the cost of purchasing it. 

You need to consider the pros and cons of each option you have to heat your home or business. Pick an efficient option that is environmentally friendly while affordable. Propane checks all of these boxes.