4 Reasons Commercial Equipment Pieces Need to Be Cleaned

4 Reasons Commercial Equipment Pieces Need to Be Cleaned

Whether you’re the owner of a commercial business or an operator, there are rules and regulations in place that require the equipment in the facility to be properly cleaned. You may do it every day or have someone assigned to complete the task, but do you really know why it has to be done? Discover four reasons commercial equipment needs to be cleaned.

1. To Avoid Contamination

Mold, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens are commonly found on surfaces that aren’t properly or regularly cleaned. Cleaning kitchen pieces frequently prevents these things from growing and thriving, creating a great risk to humans who consume anything that touches the surfaces or food and beverages that have come in contact with the equipment.

In addition, cross-contamination can be an issue if you’re using the same piece of equipment to complete several different jobs. Think about cooking chicken and beef in the same area. These are two items that need to be kept separate, and proper sanitization should take place in between uses of whatever equipment is being used to prepare, cut, or cook the foods.

2. For Regulation Compliance

Between the Food and Drug Administration, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and your local health department, there are a plethora of safety regulations that require the sanitization and cleanliness of your commercial business to be maintained. If they aren’t, you could face fees, penalties, legal action, or a complete shutdown of the company. Ensuring compliance with these regulations is crucial to the smooth operation of your business.

3. Greater Efficiency

Grease, dirt, and other buildups are not only unsightly and unsanitary, but they will also slow down the efficiency of some of the equipment you need to use to serve food and beverages to your customers. By regularly cleaning the pieces, you’re allowing the equipment to operate more freely, and therefore, you and your staff aren’t stuck trying to figure out how to make something work properly or stopping to clean in the middle of a shift. Instead, with regular cleaning, it’s ready to go whenever you’re required to use it.

4. Boosting Brand Reputation

Finally, when you take care of your establishment’s commercial equipment pieces, and your staff and customers know it, you’re automatically seen in a more positive light. People want to know a business owner or operator who cares about how they maintain their environment in the food and beverage industry. Would you want to go eat or enjoy a drink at a place that’s constantly filthy? Probably not. Keep things well-cleaned, and you’ll see customer loyalty and substantially increase your profits.
When you’re in charge of serving food or beverages to the public, it’s up to you to keep the equipment clean. Besides contamination and regulation compliance, it allows you and your crew to work more seamlessly through your processes, and it enhances your brand reputation when people see that you care about your business and the customers you serve. Before you neglect this necessary step in your company’s daily routine, consider these four reasons commercial pieces need to be cleaned on a regular basis.