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4 Steps to Become an Entrepreneur

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4 Steps to Become an Entrepreneur

4 Steps to Become an Entrepreneur

It has been said many times that the life of the U.S. economy is that vast number of entrepreneurs. Be it true or not, one thing for sure is that since the Pandemic of 2020 many employees took the leap into becoming entrepreneurs as many found themselves without a job while many who have had the desire for years to become an entrepreneur saw the pandemic as a chance to make that move. Moreover, some just simply assessed where they were in the jobs and employment and decided to become their own boss. Whatever the situation, it can be noted that taking this type of action in regards to employment and making a living, many probably would look for inspiration like huge corporations that all started as entrepreneurs. Just knowing that there is a possibility or chance that their little business can end up being huge corporations like McDonalds, Facebook, Coca Cola and countless others who all all started as entrepreneurs would surely give some inspiration. Inspiration is great to start but one would need to focus on the four most common steps it takes to become an entrepreneur. These steps are important as many like Alexander Djerassi would agree. Let’s take a look.

Step 1 is to decide exactly what it is that one wants to do. Some call it finding their Niche but many would simply say find what industry that one would like to be involved in. Many times over one will start a business in something that they already have much experience in, for example, one who has worked for an accounting firm for years, sometimes will start their own bookkeeping services or if one has worked for a construction company and has many years of experience may start their own construction company. This is what the pandemic made a lot of people realize, that they could take their experience in the very thing that they were doing each day and simply start doing it for themselves as entrepreneurs.

Step 2 should be easy if one is simply taking what they already do for a living and start doing it as an entrepreneur for themselves. However, even with years of experience, it will still be smart to do this step which is to research the industry or market that one is wanting to start their entrepreneurship in, as researching one’s chosen industry or market will give a good idea of the demand and need for that particular service or product. Research can give answers to some of the many questions one would have getting started.

Step 3 is to educate oneself. Yes, more research and maybe even some formal classes and/or training would be a beneficial step. Getting updated certifications would probably be needed and necessary in some cases. For example, if one is starting their own electrical company and becoming a self-employed electrician, one needs to upgrade their electrician certifications.
Step 4 is to realize everything takes time as one should build their business slowly as Alexander Djerassi would agree.