5 benefits of playing golf for seniors

When it comes to sporting at old age, seniors in their fifties are not always fit for strenuous exercises. However, it does not mean there are no options. There are wide-ranging sporting activities from which seniors can choose a game that is not physically demanding. Taking note that golf has been a top sport loved by seniors around the world for many years, it fits the bill as one of the most suitable pastime activities. Most importantly, regardless of where you choose to play, golf has social, mental and social benefits.

For starters, you can always take advantage of the Algarve Golf packages that include social amenities for seniors who want to make the most of the game in their golden years. In this post, we explore five benefits of golf for seniors so read on to learn more. 

  • It’s good for the heart

High blood pressure is a common health concern among seniors. However, golf can get your blood pumping at a normal rate hence curb the risk of a heart attack. From walking to a golf course, swinging a club to carrying your golfing equipment in a bag, studies show that golf also lowers the risk of having a stroke or type-2 diabetes. 

  • Cutting the extra baggage 

At old age, weight gain is often a major concern because it comes to serious health concerns like high blood pressure. According to several studies, walking around an 18-hole golf course helps burn up to 1,500 kilocalories in females and 2,500 in male golfers. 

  • Optimal mental health

At old age, memory loss gradually becomes an issue because the brain no longer produces as many neurons as it does at a youthful stage in life. Studies, however, show that exercise helps improve mental wellness in seniors. In particular, playing golf prevents the risk of dementia among seniors. It is a powerful workout for the mind that reduces the risk of having cognitive diseases.

  • Improved sleep patterns

Studies also show that going out to play golf help seniors sleep better. The catch with this benefit is that like most sports, golfing reduces the risk of depression and stress. You must already know that people who play often sleep better, the more reason adults should play golf.  Talk about having a breath of fresh air in the most serene places, you realize that no sport presents seniors with a better opportunity to enjoy Mother Nature than golf.

  •  Physical fitness

Another benefit that comes with playing golf at old age is physical fitness. There are a few exercises in which seniors can actively participate. Golf is less demanding physically but the physical benefits that come with swinging the club among other activities on the course are immense. 

Final Thoughts

Staying fit should not be a choice. For seniors, remaining in good shape, stead and health mean playing more. And for those who are more competitive and want to bring their A-game every time, there’s equipment like specific golf grips which enables you to extract the best possible swing, every time. And because golf is the most suitable sport for seniors, it is never too late to join a club of golfing enthusiasts to start reaping the benefits.