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Brazilian Butt Lift Dallas

The curvature and shape of the buttocks are important for a well-proportioned body. Many people get the Brazilian Butt Lift for a more youthful appearance. Under the care of a board-certified surgeon like Dr. Jejurikar, the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery can be performed safely and successfully, leaving the patient with a fuller, rounder buttock contour. 

What Is the Brazilian Butt Lift?     

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a specialized procedure that involves the transfer of fat from an undesirable part of the body, such as the hips, to the buttocks to create a fuller, rounder appearance. The Brazilian Butt Lift is Dr. Jejurikar’s most popular procedure because it provides more natural results than implants. The surgery goes by several names, including autologous fat grafting and micro fat grafting. Of course, the most common name is the Brazilian Butt Lift. 

Benefits of Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery 

The Brazilian Butt Lift has a number of benefits: 

  • The procedure uses liposuction and fat reduction. The Brazilian Butt Lift requires liposuction to transfer fat to the buttocks. Not only will this leave you with a more curvaceous and shapely backside, but it also means that you will have less fat on undesirable areas. As an added bonus, this means improved love handles. 
  • Fat transfer is better and more natural than other filler options. When foreign objects are placed into the body, such as implants, there’s a higher chance of complications. Because the patient’s own fat is being used in the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, the chances of an adverse complication or allergic reaction are minimal.
  • The Brazilian Butt Lift isn’t as invasive as a full surgical butt lift or a butt implant.That’s not to say that these other procedures aren’t effective. However, the chances for residual scarring are much higher. As a result, recovery times are longer as well. When performed at the hands of an expert like Dr. Jejurikar, the injection points necessary to perform the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery are virtually nonexistent. This is also true for areas of the body where fat is harvested. 
  • The Brazilian Butt Lift surgery produces fantastic results when performed by a highly-trained cosmetic surgeon. If you’re looking for a more toned, rounder buttock or hope to reduce drooping and sagging, the Brazilian Butt Lift is the right choice. Dr. Jejurikar has helped thousands of patients achieve a rounder, fuller buttock with great results. 

What Are the Risks of the Brazilian Butt Lift? 

No surgery exists that doesn’t entail some level of risk. The Brazilian Butt Lift is no different. These risks include: 

  • Side effects: Side effects are a very real complication that every patient considering the Brazilian Butt Lift should be aware of. It’s normal for patients to experience numbness, discomfort, bruising, and swelling. Sometimes, patients will also experience significant pain and discomfort. If this occurs, the surgeon should be contacted immediately. 
  • Too much fat reabsorption: It’s almost inevitable that some fat reabsorption will occur at some point during recovery. Thankfully, around 65–85 percent of the injected fat should remain in place. In some instances, however, too much fat is reabsorbed, thus producing less than desirable results, requiring either secondary surgery or corrective fat transfer. 
  • Infection: Just like with any surgery, there’s a risk of infection. These risks are low when it comes to the Brazilian Butt Lift. That said, patients should still be aware of this potential risk. 
  • Loss of Life: The operation is thought to be potentially deadly when fat is injected into the gluteus muscle or deep to the gluteus muscle.
  • Less than desirable results: As mentioned before, there are instances when the surgery produces less than satisfactory results. This is the primary reason that Dr. Jejurikar takes the time to sit down with patients during consultations to determine their expectations and properly prepare them for the procedure.

How Is the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure Performed? 

The Brazilian Butt Lift surgery relies on the transfer of fat from an undesirable area on the body to the buttocks for more natural-looking results. The surgery involves the following steps: 

  • Generally, the patient will be put under anesthesia for the procedure, but in cases where a smaller volume of fat is transferred, local anesthesia will typically be used. Ask your surgeon for anti-nausea medication if you know that anesthesia tends to make you sick. 
  • In the next stage of the operation, Dr. Jejurikar will use liposuction to remove fat from one area of the body, such as the thighs, hips, and stomach. During liposuction, incisions will be made in the skin, and a tube will be inserted to remove fat from the body. 
  • When the fat is removed from your body, it will be placed in a specially prepared container, where it will be purified and prepared for reinjection into your buttocks. 
  • Dr. Jejurikar will complete the procedure by injecting the processed fat into your buttocks to create a fuller, more contoured appearance. Generally, three to five incisions are made around the buttocks to transfer the fat successfully. 
  • When the procedure is finished, all incision sites will be closed with stitches. To minimize your risks of bleeding, Dr. Jejurikar will apply a compression garment on the affected areas. 

Are You a Good Candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift? 

Those who are in good physical health and desire a more curvaceous and shapely buttocks are excellent candidates for the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. Furthermore, those who are heavier are also ideal candidates, as they have excess stores of body fat to be used for the procedure. When Dr. Jejurikar offers the Brazilian Butt Lift, it’s typically combined with other types of surgeries, including the mommy makeover, tummy tuck, or liposuction performed for fat reduction. 

About Dr. Jejurikar 

A partner at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, one of the largest plastic surgery groups in the world, Dr. Sam Jejurikar is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Jejurikar specializes in cosmetic surgery of the face, breast, and body.

Dr. Jejurikar has given several presentations at plastic surgery meetings, both nationally and internationally, and is highly regarded by his peers. He initially attended the University of Michigan for his undergraduate studies before graduating and moving on to medical school at the same college. During his time there, he was selected to join the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. He went on to study preliminary surgery and plastic surgery at the University of Michigan for eight years, and he was awarded two certificates from NYU and the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. 

Dr. Jejurikar is perhaps most well known for his expertise in the Brazilian Butt Lift. He is an active member of the Multisociety Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force, an organization of certified plastic surgeons who are dedicated to minimizing the risks associated with the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. Dr. Jejurikar owns his own practice in Dallas, where he helps hundreds of patients every year. 

World-Renowned Brazilian Butt Lift Expert 

World-renowned for his work with the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, Dr. Jejurikar’s vast experience is recognized by both his colleagues and his many patients. He has performed the surgery hundreds of times and has thousands of positive reviews that verify his expertise. If you’re interested in getting the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Jejurikar at his Dallas practice today.

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