5 Care Hacks for Keeping a Gas Furnace in Proper Condition

5 Care Hacks for Keeping a Gas Furnace in Proper Condition

The heating system utilizes the most energy in your house. On average, around 45% of your energy bills go to the furnace alone. That’s why you should always check that your furnace is in proper condition. Make sure you choose the right gas furnace for your home, maintain it regularly, and conduct periodic check-ups to remain in good condition.

Most people wait until they notice a problem that might be too late. The best thing would be to ensure your gas furnace remains functional, whether you use it 24 hours a day or remain untouched for weeks. The following hacks will guide you on keeping your gas furnace in proper condition.

1. Keep Your Filter Clean and Replace It When Need Arises

The filter plays a significant role in your house’s warm air distribution. It removes impurities, such as dust and bacteria, from the air before it gets into the furnace for heating. You can choose either the expensive or the cheaper filters.

While the cheap filters remove a high percentage of impurities flowing in your home, the more expensive ones improve the air quality. That can help people who suffer from asthma and allergies. If your filter is dirty, it will not allow adequate airflow. You shouldn’t use inexpensive air filters for more than 90 days. Expensive air filters may last longer than three months if your furnace is of good quality.

2. Avoid Overloading Your Furnace

Some structural weaknesses may allow cold air to leak and warm air to ooze out. It would be best if you sealed your home to retain a comfortable amount of heat. You can hire a reputable HVAC contractor to check the major areas where cold and heat pass in your home for rectification. The professional may recommend insulation and sealing the ducting, weather stripping on the doors and windows, and adding some insulation to the loft.

3. Your Vents Should be Clear and Function Properly

Your heating system will only function well if the air in your house circulates through it. Therefore, your furnace should be in good working condition and your vents clear to allow free air circulation. Blocking the vents will cause the furnace to overwork, thereby becoming damaged sooner than it should.

4. Avoid Placing Flammable Items Near Your Furnace

Usually, you put your furnace in an isolated area of your house, such as a storage room or basement. You may not know that the furnace shouldn’t have storage boxes around it. It would be best never to put flammable objects like gasoline, clothes, paint, and boxes close to your furnace.

5. Keep Your Heating System’s Ducting and Vents Clean

You need to clean and maintain your heating and cooling system to function properly. Check if the vents are accessible and if the floor has debris, dust, and pieces of paper. Such things can reduce the furnace’s efficiency; hence, you should remove them. You can periodically clean the vents and ducts using a vacuum, especially after renovating your home.

While you should maintain your furnace to ensure it remains in good working condition, it doesn’t have to be a tedious and time-consuming exercise. The above hacks will enable you to conduct the right procedures to keep your gas furnace in proper condition.