7 Simple Hacks for Making Hosting a Holiday Party Easier

7 Simple Hacks for Making Hosting a Holiday Party Easier

Hosting a holiday party is a great way to bring your loved ones together to create beautiful memories. Yet, being the host does come with the added stress of making sure that everyone has a good time. Fortunately, you don’t have to feel frazzled while everyone mingles when you use these hacks to simplify your holiday party planning.

1- Use What You Already Have

When you’re planning a party, the last thing you need is to waste a lot of time shopping. Most likely you already have some things around your house that work great for setting a table and decoration. Consider putting some shiny ornaments in a bowl for a centerpiece, or pull out that heirloom platter. Everyone will enjoy seeing your handiwork and cherished heirlooms on display.

2- Transform Drinkware Into Decorations

Even if you have formal glassware during dinner, you might still like to have some disposable drink options out in the areas where people mingle. You can use a few simple craft supplies to turn a water bottle from an eyesore to a masterpiece. Simply wrap each one with tape that has a holiday-themed pattern, and they’ll look like they belong with the rest of the decor.

3- Carve Out More Time for Mingling by Arranging for Catering

One of the most stressful parts of hosting a holiday bash is planning the menu and preparing the food. Catering services take both of these stressors off of the table, which allows you to relax and enjoy the party. You’ll also have more time to mingle when you aren’t worried about checking the oven or cleaning up all those dishes and pans.

4- Plan a Few Open-Ended Activities

At first, it might take a few minutes for your guests to warm up, and you also want to avoid a lull that could happen midway through the party. Setting out a few conversation starters is a great way to keep the party atmosphere flowing. Try setting out a tumbling tower block for people to play with as they chat. Conversation cards that ask silly questions are another fun option that you can set out on a table.

5- Stock Up on Essential Supplies

In addition to opting out of the cooking, you might also prefer to avoid having to run and grab items that your guests need during the party. Make sure to stock extra toilet paper, hand soap and other essentials in the bathroom. You might also want to put out a little basket with those random things people might need, such as breath mints or stain remover pens.

6- Use Table Settings That Double as Party Favors

Giving everyone an assigned seat helps to prevent awkwardness when it is time to come to the table. Table settings don’t have to just be a boring place card. Instead, try filling up a baby food jar with holiday candies and write your guests’ names on each one.

7- Set the Mood With a Holiday Playlist

Having music playing in the background instantly puts your guests in a party mood as they walk through the door. To avoid playing DJ all night, create a playlist that includes all of your holiday favorites. Then, just turn it on and let it cycle through while you enjoy your party.

Once you set your plans into motion, you can enjoy your opportunity to shine. Make sure to take a moment to connect with each person on your guest list, and remember that some of the best memories are made when you give yourself time to enjoy the conversations around the table.