5 Crucial Reasons to Never Attempt to Cut Your Own Hair

5 Crucial Reasons to Never Attempt to Cut Your Own Hair

Giving haircuts is a skill that requires years of studying, analyzing the desired outcome, and honing the craft. Professional stylists have spent years mastering the right cuts for different hair types and can even advise you on better maintaining your locks. They are the ones who know what’s best for your specific hair type and texture. You might find yourself pinched for time to get in to see a stylist or in a beauty emergency situation, but under no circumstances should you ever cut your own hair.

1. You Will Ruin Your Hair in the Process

While the average consumer possesses a good head of hair, stylists are trained professionals who know how to cut their customers‘ hair to obtain the desired result. Attempting to give yourself a haircut can easily result in damaged locks and, more than likely, a poorer appearance than you’d expect. Stylists have the right tools and knowledge on how to properly cut your hair, and you should let them instead of attempting it yourself.

2. You Will Need to Learn How to Cut Right

Stylists know how to cut their customers’ hair depending on its length, color, and texture. If you’re going through the trouble of giving yourself a haircut, then it makes sense to let a professional handle the task. Most likely, the idea of giving yourself a haircut, even if only a trim, will seem easy, but there is much more technique to the process.

3. You’ll Look Like You Don’t Know What You’re Doing (Or Worse)

You may think giving yourself a haircut is easy, but this thought process must be revised. You could easily end up cutting your hair into more than one style and shape. If your final appearance were indeed coarse and haphazard, you would be left looking like an amateur. It can also be disastrous if you cut it too short, which is especially important because you need a certain length to maintain the cut better. Moreover, giving yourself a style that suits your face can be challenging.

4. You Could Get Hurt.

Locks and hair loss aside, it’s best not to gamble with your well-being when cutting your hair. Cutting your hair is often dangerous, resulting in lacerations and cuts, so it is better to leave it up to trained professionals. The risk of cutting your hair may result in a trip to the emergency room due to imprecise cuts and nicks.

5. You Can’t Cut Your Hair Evenly

When you do a self-haircut, it will never be the same on both sides. You’re more likely to do one side shorter than the other and end up with a noticeable difference, or the back of your hair will be cut unevenly because you can’t reach it. Only professionals are practiced enough to cut hair evenly, with no difference between sides.

If you want your hair to look its best or need someone to give it some structure, leave it up to the professionals who know how to cut their customers’ hair right the first time.