5 Things To Know Before Cutting New Grass

5 Things To Know Before Cutting New Grass

Though grass is often overlooked for the colors in the garden, it affects the perception of your home. If it’s healthy, passersby get the impression that you’re a good homeowner who cares for small details.

One of the landmark tasks of the summer is frequent lawn mowing. Since we see people doing it when we go for walks, it’s easy to think of lawn mowing as a simple process.

In truth, you need to know how to mow your lawn. It might look like a simple routine, but the way you do it will make a difference. To achieve a healthy lawn, learn the best ways to mow your grass. This is doubly important if you’ve planted grass from seed.

Here are five things to know about mowing your lawn.

1- New Grass Needs Time

Every couple of years a lawn should have new grass planted from seed. If you’ve planted seeds this year, don’t mow as soon as you see results. New grass needs time to set roots in the summer heat.

Before you mow that patch of grass, wait three to four weeks. You need to be sure that you aren’t uprooting the fragile shoots.

2- Perfect Timing

Grass is an organism sensitive to the heat of the day. Take care when mowing your grass by picking the right time to do it.

Most people say that the best time to mow your lawn is in the evening. When the sun is down, the heat’s not as intense. This gives your grass time to recover for the warm weather coming the next day.

3- Check Your Routine

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to follow a strict mowing schedule. Each lawn grows at a different rate and pace.

Rather than scrupulously mowing every Tuesday, watch the height of your grass. Mow when needed. You’ll save yourself the effort this way and avoid damaging the grass by mowing when unnecessary.

4- Careful Who You Hire

If you have a difficult day job or small kids to take care of, it’s tempting to hire a teenager in the neighborhood to do the work for you. If you care about your lawn, make sure you know the person that you’re paying.

Instead of hiring a neighborhood teenager who might not know how to mow, consider paying a professional to do the job.

5- Look At Your Mower Blade

Like any sharp object, the blades in your lawnmower become blunt and worn-out over time. Proper maintenance will keep them in shape so that they can do the work that you need. Consider buying a quality lawn mower that can stand the effort.


We all want to have a beautiful lawn, but achieving and maintaining a beautiful lawn requires caring for the grass. Knowing when and how to mow your lawn will make the difference between a rich yard and dry, damaged grass. By taking time to research proper grass cutting techniques, you will improve your lawn aesthetics.