5 Tips for Securing Your House Against Rodents in the Winter

5 Tips for Securing Your House Against Rodents in the Winter

The winter invites mice, pests, and rodents into your home. They want to find a place to hibernate and stay warm. Winterizing your home can prevent this potential problem from happening. Do everything you can to prevent an infestation from taking over.

1. Seal the Structure

Pests like mice and rats may look big, but they don’t require much to enter your home. They can easily sneak into cracks and crevices. To prevent them from entering, seal the structure around your home. Be on the lookout for any cracks and openings.

Make sure they’re smaller than 1/4 inch. Use a sealant sandwich to add a second layer in cracks and holes. Don’t use expandable foams alone as this invites rodents to chew them and find their way through. Sealing the structure and keeping the doors closed can prevent pests from entering.

2. Keep Your Home Dry

The next step is to keep all the areas of your home dry, including the basement and attic. Pests and rodents are attracted to moisture and water. Look out for any leaks in the attic, basement, bathroom, and kitchen. Also, any damage that occurs from winter storms can invite rodents.

3. Keep Your House Clean

Pests love mess. They’ll hide anywhere such as boxes, debris, garbage, leaves, old furniture, and twigs. It can be easy for your chores to fall by the wayside, especially during the winter and holiday season. Rodents will find a new home if you leave them neglected.

Cleaning your home can help you detect their hiding places. Clean your floors and vacuum your carpets to remove any food that would attract mice and rats. It’s not easy to see crumbs, dirt, and spills with the naked eye.

Their scent is easily detectable by pests. Vacuuming your house every week can reduce this problem. You should also clean your dumpster and recycling bins clean regularly. These are two of the most common hiding places for pests.

4. Rodent-Proof Your Home

Another way to keep pests out is to rodent-proof your home. Look for any possible gaps throughout your house or building. Also, keep a lookout for any issues on your roof, where rodents can also climb because they don’t just crawl around on the ground. Block all of these areas before the temperatures drop. It’s also important to not overlook your porch and deck areas as rodents are attracted to those areas, as well as under your house.

5. Contact a Professional

As a last resport, you should contact the professionals. While you can take care of most of these things yourself, sometimes an infestation can happen long before this process. Before it gets out of hand, contact a local pest control company. They’ll help you make sure the pests are promptly removed and prevent future threats.

By pest-proofing your home in the winter, you can decrease your chances of a possible infestation. This will give you greater peace of mind. Snuggle up and relax on the couch as you watch your favorite cozy movies. You’ll feel good knowing no pests are running around in your home.