6 Types of Flowers to Use for a Picturesque Winter Wedding

6 Types of Flowers to Use for a Picturesque Winter Wedding

Winter weddings can be wonderful as everyone is already in a gracious, warm mood. That being said, figuring out how to plan for a winter wedding can be a bit different than planning for other weddings that take place throughout the year. For example, which types of flowers are you supposed to use for boquets and decoration? If this is a question that’s been on your mind, here are six types of flowers to use for a picturesque winter wedding.

1. Amaryllis

The amaryllis is a gorgeous and large trumpet-shaped winter flower that’s perfect for wedding decor if you’re looking for larger lowers that draw the eye and attract more space. The amaryllis is in season from fall to late spring and produces vibrant colors like red, orange, and pink.

2. Paperwhite Narcissus

A small, delicate flower, the Paperwhite narcissus is a gorgeous flower that can be used for centerpieces and other small pieces of decor. If you’re looking to incorporate them into boquets, you can always work with a wedding florist to help you find some suitable flowers to match these with.

3. Poinsettias

What’s more winter-themed than poinsettias? These gorgeous flowers are truly unique and make any setting quite festive, regardless of whether you choose red poinsettias, white poinsettias, or both. Poinsettias are also large flowers and can fill up bouquets or centerpeices (which will help stretch your floral budget).

4. Carnations

Choosing only flowers that are in season during the winter can leave you feeling rather limited in your selection. The good news? There are plenty of flowers that bloom year-round that you can use to improve your selection and help you add some more variety to your venue. One great year-round flower is the carnation. These budget-friendly flowers come in a host of colors and add a ruffled texture to whatever space they occupy.

5. Roses

What represents love better than roses? Roses are almost expected at weddings, and cultivators have found ways to make this colorful bunch available all-year round. If you’re wondering how to add a pop of color and a touch of sophistication to your flower arrangements, roses are almost always a good choice.

6. Gardenias

The one big note about gardenias is that their availability will depend upon your location (as is the case with many types of flowers). Gardenias tend to be in-season in locations where winters never grow too cold, like Mexico or Southern California. If you’re having your wedding here, gardenias are delicate flowers that are an excellent addition to any arrangement. If you can’t have gardenias, don’t fret. One great replacement is the camellia, which resembles the gardenia and comes in a wide range o colors.

Having a winter wedding is great if you love the season and want to make sure you already have your favorite people nearby. However, certain elements of the planning process can become a little more complex. If you’re struggling with flower ideas for your flower arrangements and decor, use the guide above to look further into in-season flowers that you could use in your wedding.