5 Ways Videos Can Help Your Business Grow

If you aren’t using video in your business, it is time to get started now. As there are countless benefits to it. They can help you improve your business both internally and externally. 

If you have been on the fence about implementing video, then you must check out the 5 uses I have shared below…


Most businesses communicate with email. Email is a great way to communicate within the company, but as the thread gets longer it can get harder for your employees to find the information they want. 

An easier way to communicate through is with video. Using video, you can make a recording once and people can view it again and again. You can also categorize them in a library so that they are easy to find. 

If employees forget something they can go back to the video and get more details. You won’t need to email them several times to explain things again. 

So, get yourself a good screen recording software that also offers video editing for PC and Mac. Then record all the tasks you want your employees to execute. 

Lead generation:

You can also use videos in the form of webinars for lead generation. People love watching webinars. Webinar landing pages can achieve conversion rates of up to 80%. So, make sure you run a live webinar every week or every other week. If you are pressed for time, you can use the webinar recording and create an evergreen webinar. This can help you automate lead generation. 

Webinars aren’t just good for building your email list. They can also help you generate sales. To get this right, you shouldn’t think of a webinar as a single video, but as an entire funnel comprising of the landing page, thank you page, the webinar itself, the emails and the product. 

If you weave all of them together, you will generate more sales from your webinar. 

Social media marketing:

If you want to grow your Instagram engagement or following or get better results on any other social network, you should switch to creating more videos. Images have worked well in the past, and still do, but they are being overused by everyone to generate more engagement. One way to stand out from the competition is by creating more video content. Videos have been shown to drive more engagement on some of the top networks such as Facebook and Instagram. 

Don’t just post pre-recorded videos, but also run live videos. As videos that are live, drive even more engagement. 

Digital ads:

A recent study found that video ads generate 7+ more clicks than still image ads. This is expected, as an ad with something moving in it will attract more attention that one that just sits there.

There are several other studies out there that show that ads can help convert those clicks to leads and sales. So, take advantage of them and lower your cost per lead. 

Better customer experience:

Videos can also be used to better educate your audience about your products. When businesses usually promote their business online, they do so with images and text. This can work well, but what works even better is video. When you use video you can show your product from various angles and spend more time discussing the features. You can go into a lot of details. 

This creates a better customer experience. You can never provide the same experience with just text and images. 


These are all the benefits of using video to grow your business. So, begin implementing it today.