6 Reasons Auto Oil Changes are Important to an Engine’s Health

6 Reasons Auto Oil Changes are Important to an Engine's Health

Regular oil changes are a key issue of vehicle service yet neglected. People who have their own cars often try to test or push them close to the limits neglecting not only technical but also a damaging side for the engine. However, timely auto oil changes are essential to preserve the condition and life of your engine.

1. Maintains Engine Clean and Lubed

In the same manner that our bodies require water to maintain proper hydration and functioning, an engine requires oil as well as cleanliness and lubricant. When the engine is running, oil goes through all of its parts flushing out dirt, debris, and tiny metal particles that accumulate over time. In time, all this will create more and more friction which would lead to overheating of the parts so that eventually if nothing is done about it at a given point in time engine failure can occur. Through regular changing of your engine oil, you can ensure proper cleaning and lubrication hence maintaining a clean running smoothly efficient motor.

2. Improves Fuel Economy

As oil degrades, it loses its lubricating properties. This leads to high drag which requires the engine to work still harder thereby using more fuel. The regular oil change means that a fresh, clean engine is destined to be hit and as such enables the device by minimizing friction in effect running it effectively. Your gas mileage is likely to increase which means that in the long run, you will spend less on fuel.

3. Prevents Costly Repairs

Though an oil change is a relatively minor cost, failure to include this in renovations can result in considerable repair bills at some point. Therefore, as the engine works under a heavier load with aged dirty oil more work is done on its parts which invariably leads to damages and compromised breakdowns. Oil changing at least once, maybe twice a year keeps the engine up and running efficiently eliminating any chances of costly repairs.

4. Extends Engine Life

Regular oil changes help in keeping the engine clean and lubricated thereby allowing for smooth running of the mechanism which reduces pressure on its parts thus extending their life span. This saves you from having an early replacement of the engine and the expenses and complications that come with such an exercise.

5. Improves Performance

The older an engine gets, the more power and efficiency that lags naturally. But regular oil changes can retard this process. Clean oil and properly lubricated engine components will ensure that you have a smoother-running vehicle and better overall acceleration performance.

6. Maintains Warranty

Proper maintenance through regular oil changes remains paramount for keeping the warranty of your vehicle applicable. In case of any issues with the engine and given that many manufacturers will often honor their warranty, proofs of routine oil changes are needed as part thereof. By adhering to oil changes, you essentially protect your warranty and can steer clear of needing to pay for any costly fixes from ridiculously.

Vehicle maintenance is of great importance, and oil changes are one such issue car owners should take seriously.