6 Effective Ways to Speed Up the Construction Process

6 Effective Ways to Speed Up the Construction Process

Depending on the scope of your construction project, the materials used, and numerous other factors, it could take anywhere from a few months to more than a year to complete the project. Whether you are dealing with a short-term construction loan that needs to be refinanced, a firm move-in date, or other factors, you need the work completed as soon as possible. What are some of the ways to speed up the construction process for your next project?

1- Hire an Experienced Contractor

Your contractor plays a key role in how quickly the project is completed and how smoothly the process flows. The contractor coordinates subcontractors who are responsible for specific tasks, such as doing the electrical work, laying the foundation, or working on other key tasks. An experienced contractor has great relationships with reliable subcontractors who arrive as scheduled and complete their tasks on schedule. More than that, the contractor will flawlessly coordinate the subcontractors’ activities to minimize downtime.

2- Use a Simple Design

Your project’s design also affects how quickly the construction can be completed. Consider, for example, that it is faster to build a box design than a building with a dozen different facets. You can work with your architect and design team upfront to prepare a design that meets your needs and that can efficiently be built.

3- Build Up Rather Than Out

When designing your structure, keep in mind that it is often faster to build up rather than out. You will need roughly the same amount of framing and cladding. However, features like the roof and foundation can be cut in half when you build up. As you prepare your design with the architect, consult with your contractor to learn about time-saving design strategies.

4- Have a Contingency Fund

Budget delays can wreak havoc on a construction timeline. Generally, a construction project will be completed without additional funding required. This is particularly true when you hire an experienced contractor. However, things can and do happen. For example, the theft of wiring at a worksite could increase the construction cost. Having a healthy contingency fund available can eliminate related delays.

5- Use a Pre-Erected Steel Frame

Construction can be completed more quickly when you use partially assembled materials, such as a pre-erected steel frame. In fact, depending on the scope of the project, this one step could shave weeks off of the timeline. With a steel frame, you can enjoy other benefits, such as durability and the ability to withstand severe weather conditions.

6- Choose Precast Concrete

Another material that can be partially created upfront is precast concrete. The concrete forms come in large sections, which will be assembled into walls. The forms often are used for exterior walls, but they can be used inside the structure as well. Concrete is durable and insulative, and it is an affordable building material.

Both time and funding are critical when designing and constructing a new building, and they are intertwined. Work with your architect and contractor to employ these tips in your next project.