6 Reasons Why Every Business Should Have General Counsel

6 Reasons Why Every Business Should Have General Counsel

Every successful business knows how important it is to have a plan to deal with any potential legal issues. However, one of the biggest mistakes many businesses make is thinking that they can deal with these problems by themselves. Here are 6 reasons why every business should have a general counsel.

1- Many Industries are Highly Regulated

Not having a general counsel is a fast way of finding yourself in big trouble. This is doubly so if your company is part of a highly regulated industry such as healthcare or pharmaceuticals. These kinds of industries are full of complicated and difficult-to-follow regulations. By hiring a legal authority on the matter, it becomes easy to make sure that your company is acting in the proper manner.

2- Quick Growth Opens You Up to Potential Problems

Fast growth isn’t a bad thing. However, as a company continues to grow, more and more potential problems begin to appear. From structural changes to extra employees, a wide variety of legal issues must be properly dealt with if you want your company to find success. That’s why it’s important to have the right legal counsel by your side to navigate these difficult times.

3- Going Public is a Legal Landmine

The next step for many companies that are seeing a lot of growth is going public. However, the process itself can be especially complicated. Just making sure that your company is actually IPO-ready is enough of an obstacle for many companies to give up. Having a general counsel at the ready, however, can give you and your business the extra push it needs to make it through this difficult process.

4- Litigation Can Quickly Spiral Out of Control

Any successful company can tell you how common it is to have to deal with litigation. No matter how much you focus on quality and professionalism, however, sooner or later you risk dealing with a lawsuit. Whether the issue is actually valid or not doesn’t matter – you’re going to need to have a trusted general counsel by your side.

5- Planning isn’t Easy

Having a business plan is one of the most important aspects of any business. Successfully coming up with a good one, however, isn’t simple. Too many business owners have a bad habit of not giving their plans a second look until it’s too late. Having a general counsel onboard, however, can give you the confidence that your plan can succeed.

6- Hiring a 3rd Party is Expensive

Hiring a general counsel is expensive. That’s why many businesses choose to use a 3rd party instead. The problem with that, however, is that outside legal services are a lot more expensive over the long term. By hiring a general counsel ahead of time, however, you are investing in your future. Having this extra peace of mind makes the cost a small price to pay.

A general counsel may seem like something extravagant to have. However, running a business isn’t easy and any great general counsel will make sure that your business is on the path to success.