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The Struggles Involved with Business School

Business school will allow a person the chance to begin a good career. They will learn about the different areas of business and the degree will show that they have the skills and knowledge for this career. Alexander Djerassi knows the importance of business schools and the struggles that go along with this program. Djerassi …

Business Ideas For Stay At Home Parents

Andrew Napolitano, the former New Jersey Supreme Court judge and frequent television guest news commentator has the opportunity to meet many parents who struggle to balance their work-life with their home life. In fact, Napolitano notes in the current debate about cutting off expanded Federal Government unemployment benefits early, that it is not simply a …

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Nepotism in Business

Nepotism in business is the practice of favoring friends and family in terms of employment or economic gain. The word nepotism is derived from the Italian word ‘nipote’ which means nephew. It is unfair to hire friends and family members at workplaces because they are related to the boss as opposed to their skills. Nepotism …

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Best Personality Traits to Have in Business

Being able to identify the best personality traits to have in business is no easy task. Each person is unique, has their talents and skills, and brings something unique to the table that sets them apart from everyone else. However, by broadening their perspective and considering their innate characteristics and others, one will start to …

How You Can Keep Costs Low At Your Small Business

Running a small business can be quite lucrative if you keep your costs low. Spending frivolously can lead to debt and issues with cash flow that makes it difficult to run the business. The last thing anyone wants is to slow production due to lack of capital or to take out a loan with a …

How to Start Your Own Business

Starting your own business is hard. Unless you are the wealthy son of a billionaire such as Warren Buffet, starting a business anywhere in the world is a monumental task. Just ask Diego Ruiz Duran, one of Mexico’s most prominent lawyers. Although highly educated, with studies in Cambridge, Oxford and Harvard, Duran mentored for several …

How Do You Appreciate Employee Performance?

How do lay people feel when they are appreciated for their good deeds? The obvious answer is they feel elated. But how will an employee, who is spending 90,000 hours of his life at work feel when they get appreciation? Appreciation works magically for an employee, when they are appreciated for their contribution they feel …

Lessons to Learn in Business

Whether a seasoned business professional or a young entrepreneur, Shalom Lamm believes there are some factors in business that are essential to have, and to know. It sometimes takes years for these little tips to manifest through experience, but correct implementation takes just days to show results, and can have the organization’s efficiency grow exponentially. …

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Scott Dylan and 10 Things to Look for in a Mentor

Don’t ever think that seeking help from a mentor is a sign of weakness. Seeking mentorship is a sign that you are success-driven and looking for ways to further your skills.

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7 Things Entrepreneurs Must Do Before Launching a Business

Launching a business is incredibly exciting, but there are several tasks to cross off the list. If you’re preparing to set up a new venture, here are seven essential jobs to complete before lift-off.  What to Do Before Launching a New Business Launching a new business requires careful preparation. Here are seven steps to take …