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Scott Dylan

Scott Dylan and 10 Things to Look for in a Mentor

Don’t ever think that seeking help from a mentor is a sign of weakness. Seeking mentorship is a sign that you are success-driven and looking for ways to further your skills.

entrepreneurs launch a business

7 Things Entrepreneurs Must Do Before Launching a Business

Launching a business is incredibly exciting, but there are several tasks to cross off the list. If you’re preparing to set up a new venture, here are seven essential jobs to complete before lift-off.  What to Do Before Launching a New Business Launching a new business requires careful preparation. Here are seven steps to take …

5 Reasons To Work With a Venture Studio

Have you ever considered starting or want to start a new business? Have you been hesitant because you don’t have the money to start a business? If funding is what’s keeping you from starting a business you need to look no further. You can now access a venture studio. They will help with your funding …

A Professional Pursuit with Meaning

Ken Kurson has had experience working in a wide array of different industries over his career-span. He’s worked as a political consultant on a series of different political campaigns. He’s also served as the editor in chief of The New York Observer and its related properties, serving the paper’s sophisticated and elite New York City …

Former Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie on How He Created a Culture of Success

Steve Ritchie, former CEO of Papa John’s, knew that he had landed on something good when he started with the company as a delivery driver making six bucks an hour. From the very start, Ritchie realized that there were several key things that set Papa John’s apart from its competition.  “I started 22 years ago, …