6 Smart Benefits of Raising Your Children in a Small Town

6 Smart Benefits of Raising Your Children in a Small Town

Whether you’re suddenly faced with a move or are planning ahead, one of the biggest factors to consider is where to best raise your family. There are benefits and drawbacks to wade through as you look at different communities. Here are 6 benefits of raising children in a small town.

1. Life is quiet and simpler

Peace and quiet can be easy to find in a smaller community. Wide open spaces are serene in and of themselves and combined with less traffic and more space between homes, provide a peaceful atmosphere. Families are likely to sit out on the porch or take a walk together and enjoy the calm. Life seems to move at a slower pace that allows friends to actually take time to enjoy each other’s company and not need to be in such a hurry to get to the next place.

2. Family activities abound

There is no shortage of family friendly activities. Adventures may look different than in cities, but are no less entertaining. Typically more chances exist to spend time in nature enjoying simple pleasures such as fishing, hiking or catching lightning bugs. Festivals are frequently hosted by small communities with a chance to experience everything from music, food, and crafts to different cultures. Parades are always a hit, whether it’s a Christmas, Homecoming, or even Halloween Parade. Many churches offer community events throughout the year for families as well. You can also search for state parks or a county recreation center.

3. Strong sense of community

It’s no joke that everyone knows everyone in a small town, which can be a beautiful thing. Neighbors will stop in just to visit without an agenda. People tend to be ready to jump in and help when needed. Offering to babysit, bring a meal or maybe help with repairs are a common occurrence in a rural area where people know each other’s business. There is also a strong desire for the community to succeed. This is seen in multiple ways, such as supporting local businesses or attending high school sporting events, even if you don’t have a child playing.

4. Strong family ties

There really is no place like home. Being near kin brings peace for many families, especially with young children who have much to learn from grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Many small towns have multiple generations of families. It’s not unusual for children to grow up and move away, then find themselves coming back home to raise their own kids.

5. Unique opportunities While every town is different, rural areas provide unique experiences for parents and children. You won’t need to visit a petting zoo to spend hands-on time with animals. Learning to garden might be easier to accomplish. Playing in a creek, meeting on the town square, or gathering to hear locals sing and play are just a few things that are unique to small towns.

6. Quality of Life

Beautiful homes, excellent schools, lower crime rates and a positive community spirit all contribute to the beauty of living in a small town. Communities such as Morton, Illinois, provide a much needed break from the frantic pace of an urban lifestyle, and instead offer the refreshing calm of a small town life.