How To Pick A Scrub Hat That Will Fit Your Face

How To Pick A Scrub Hat That Will Fit Your Face

Where would the medical industry be without the scrub hat (cap), right? It, too, plays a key role in maintaining a sterilized operating room and keeping surgery sites contamination-free for doctors, surgeons and nurses. It’s not a complicated piece of medical gear, but you want to look good in your scrub hat and choose the proper styling that fits your face and hair. Here are our suggestions:

A Variety Of Styles

There is a nice range of scrub hats available to consider and four main designs we often see. They would include:

  • Pixie Scrub Hat
  • Ponytail Scrub Hat
  • Bouffant Scrub Hat
  • Disposable Scrub Hat

You will also find scrub hats made in fabrics such as cotton, satin, moisture-wicking materials and in a large selection of colors, prints and solids. The best scrub caps offer comfort all day long and never cause chafing.

The Ideal Fashion Fit

There is an amazing scrub hat out there for even the most finicky folks. Let’s start with the Pixie Scrub. This type of cap will be form-fitting and accentuate your unique bone structure.

The Pixie is perfect for those with short hair or no hair. It doesn’t allow for volume or length since it sits close to the head.

The Ponytail design is another popular scrub hat because it allows you room to tuck all of your hair in behind the cap in a pouch compartment. The Pixie Cap comes with an opening in the back for those with long hair.

Then, there is the Bouffant style that resembles a shower cap design, and it, too, can accommodate for longer, thicker hair to neatly stay hidden in place.

The Disposable Scrub is the plainest of all, but it can be tossed away after work and doesn’t require any washing. Disposable hats are generally constructed of lightweight, non-woven polypropylene that is hypoallergenic and often come in one size fits all.

For Function And Style

The scrub hat is a medical accessory and part of the scrub uniform, so fit and function are most important. However, expressing yourself in a fashionable way also matters, and that is why choosing the perfect scrub hat for your face and hair is key.

For you, maybe the color of your scrub cap is number one, and when you find a hue that enhances your skin tone and eye color, you’ve got a great piece for wearing to work.

Someone else may prefer a scrub hat with a fun design featuring a vivid floral print, one with adorable cartoon hedgehogs, one with a striking kaleidoscope pattern or a scrub cap with the classic Grey’s Anatomy styling.

Having several scrub hats in rotation is easier when it comes to laundering them and also gives you more styling options each day you head to your medical job.

Whether you’re busy in the OR or ICU, medical scrubs are a uniform that provides multiple benefits. Scrubs create a sterile healthcare environment, are important for personal safety reasons and give professionals a modern, up-to-date appearance.

Choosing a scrub hat that enhances your appearance, style and personality delivers a great impression on the job.