6 Tips to Help Keep an AC Unit Running Smoothly This Summer

6 Tips to Help Keep an AC Unit Running Smoothly This Summer

In most of the country, the summer heat is nothing to mess around with. Temperatures can soar above 100 degrees. Add humidity to that and you’ve got a recipe for misery, heat exhaustion, or even heat stroke. That makes keeping your AC unit running smoothly a top priority for most people. Not sure about the best way to do that? Keep reading for six tips that will keep your AC running and your home cool for the summer weather.

1- Annual Maintenance

One of the simplest things that you can do to ensure your AC keeps running is to get annual maintenance done on the unit. Annual maintenance essentially looks at major components for problems. For example, the tech will usually do things like check your thermostat, grease moving parts, and look for damage to the wiring. If necessary, they’ll also top up the refrigerant in your unit. While these may sound like small things, they add up.

2- Remove Obstructions

Many homeowners have a bad habit of piling things up around their AC units. Granted, the boxy shape does make it look ideal for leaning things against the unit. Unfortunately, nearby obstructions interfere with the airflow into the unit. That obstructed airflow taxes the components of the unit, which makes problems more likely. Move those obstructions away from the unit and trim back any nearby bushes as well.

3- Change the Air Filter

Much like your furnace, your AC unit has an air filter. That filter helps keep particulates out of the internal workings of the unit. As a bonus, it also helps keep those particulates out of your home. Of course, air filters get clogged after a while. Switching the filter keeps the air flowing smoothly, which reduces strain on the unit.

4- Raise the Temperature

While it’s not always fun, raising the temperature on your thermostat even a few degrees can take a lot of pressure off your AC unit. This is particularly true on very hot days where your unit may run almost non-stop for hours at a time.

5- Clean the Drain Line

AC drain lines help the unit remove humidity from your home. Of course, those drain lines can get blocked by things like mold. Clean your drain line periodically with a cup of bleach followed by a gallon of water.

6- Test the Unit

One of the best ways to make sure your unit will function properly is to test it before the weather gets too hot. If the unit makes strange noises or doesn’t produce cold air, you know to get it serviced.

You can keep it cool this summer by making sure that your AC stays up and running. Get annual maintenance done. Remove obstructions. Switch out the air filter. Clean the drain line. Raise the temperature on your thermostat. Test your unit before the truly hot weather arrives. If you do all that, there is a good chance that your AC unit will keep running even during the hottest days of the summer and keep yourself cool.