7 Cool Ways to Show Off Your Patriotism at Your House

7 Cool Ways to Show Off Your Patriotism at Your House

Showing off your patriotism at your house is a great way to let everyone know about your values. While the Fourth of July is a great time to start decking your house out with red, white, and blue decor, patriotic decorations also look beautiful at any time of the year. Whether you’re getting prepped for Memorial Day or an election year, these seven ideas can help you get started.

1- Hang a Holiday Wreath

Throughout the year, you’ll find wreaths that are meant to mark patriotic occasions. Switching out your spring wreath with the national colors is a great way to show off your patriotic spirit. Since wreaths only take minutes to swap out, this idea gets you a jumpstart on decorating.

2- Add Bunting and a Welcome Sign

While you might leave up a wreath for several weeks to months, other patriotic displays are meant to emphasize special occasions. Patriotic bunting looks beautiful on the front porch railing. To top it off, lean a welcome board by your door that is painted with patriotic colors.

3- Put Up Colorful Outdoor Lighting

Many special events that focus on patriotism last well beyond dark. Hanging colorful string lights or ones in the shape of stars is a great way to add lighting and a touch of patriotism. Similar to other types of decor, you can leave the lights up year-round and switch them on whenever you want to add a patriotic feeling to a gathering.

4- Fly a Flag to Show Off the Stars and Stripes

The American flag is a national symbol of freedom and our country’s history that is instantly recognizable. Flying a flag outside of your home gives it instant curb appeal, and you can choose from a wide range of sizes that allow you to select one that fits your outdoor space. You can leave your flag up all year long to fully represent the joy you feel for your country.

5- Create a Patriotic Table Setting

While much of the focus has been on the outdoor parts of your home, you can also show off patriotism inside. When you’re hosting a Fourth of July meal, add a colorful tablecloth to your table that sets the tone for the occasion. Centerpieces that look like firework displays are a fun touch to add, too.

6- Infuse the Mantel and Side Tables With Decor

To finish out the indoor decor, add small pieces throughout the main parts of your home. A decorative star placed on a side table gives everyone the impression that you are serious about patriotism. Adding special touches on the mantel, such as a smaller flag and candles, also enhances the overall patriotic theme.

7- Plant a Symbolic Garden

Gardens are a great place to add red, white, and blue to your outdoor areas. You can heighten the effect by choosing blooms that hold special symbolism. For instance, roses are America’s national flower. Guernsey lilies look like fireworks, and they’re recognized for representing freedom.

One of the best things about patriotic decorations is that they tend to blend seamlessly in with the rest of your home’s features. A flag brings a welcome touch that greets guests as they walk to the door, and everyone loves seeing fresh blooms in a garden. As you add your decorative touches, remember to take a moment to reflect upon the freedom you enjoy as you take in the fruits of your labor.