7 Major Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Trade Show Displays

7 Major Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Trade Show Displays

Trade show displays are an excellent way to market your business effectively and can help you generate leads for qualified prospects. However, the competition is fierce, and there are many mistakes that designers can make when designing their trade show displays that can be easily avoided.

1- Failing to Plan Ahead

Designers who fail to plan before the design process often end up with a lackluster product that doesn’t have a cohesive theme or message. It’s important to approach design with a clear objective, so you know what type of display will be most effective for your company’s needs.

2- Using the Wrong Type of Paper

If you use interior paper for your trade show display, make sure it’s a neutral color and is durable enough to be displayed outside in the elements. If you’re using a display that will be located near an outdoor space, such as at a farmer’s market or outdoor bazaar, make sure you choose paper that can withstand humidity. Exterior displays are typically created with weather-resistant stickers or fabric. If you’re using corrugated paper for your trade show display, ensure it’s textured so it won’t peel off when exposed to moisture.

3- Putting Too Much Text on Your Display

It’s tempting to want to cram as much information about your business on display but resist. Instead, try using pictures or images that attract attention instead of words. You can also create a pamphlet that you distribute at the end of your show or provide a QR code with more information.

4- Using Colors That Don’t Match Your Branding

Now is not the time to experiment with different colors and design styles. You should select colors that match your brand image and what you’ll be wearing at the event, so you stand out in a crowd without standing out too much. Furthermore, if you have a company logo or mascot, incorporate it into your trade show display using stencils or stickers.

5- Using Too Many Fonts at Once

Trade show display designers have a lot of fonts to choose from online but resist the temptation to select more than two at a time when creating your display. Using two fonts will enhance your display without having multiple fonts competing for attention.

6- Adding Elements that Won’t Travel Well

If you’re using banners or flags, make sure they’re lightweight and easy to pack in a carry-on bag. Also, if you’re using wood sticks or dowels for your signs, be sure they don’t have sharp edges because these can injure people if you accidentally bump into them. Rubber tips are another inexpensive way to prevent injury during a busy show.

7- Using Flat Material Instead of Hyperbolic Art

It is a popular design trend, but it can be easily avoided. If you want to incorporate hyperbolic art into your trade show display, make sure you use a material with a bit of giving (such as foam core or chipboard), so it doesn’t crack when stressed. Also, avoid using flat material because it can feel uncomfortable under foot during the show.

Using the tips above, you can ensure that your trade show display will live up to its full potential and help you generate leads for qualified prospects. Remember, if at first, you don’t succeed, try again. The more shows you attend, the easier it will get.