7 Tips for Finding a Living Room Sofa That Works in Your Space

7 Tips for Finding a Living Room Sofa That Works in Your Space

The right sofa can make movie night more enjoyable and turn your living room into a guest room. The tips below will help you find the best sofa for your home.

1. Consider Cushions

Take a hard look at how the furniture in your home right now. How is it treated? If you often find that the pillows on your bed have been dragged around by a child or a pet, there’s a good chance your sofa cushions will suffer the same abuse. If you can find a bench back with attached seat cushions, that may be best for now.

2. Sleeper or No?

If you don’t have a guest room, a sleeper sofa can help a great deal. Do be aware that sleeper sofas can be incredibly heavy and may make it hard to clean your space. If you’ve got a robot vacuum, make sure your new sofa sits high enough that the vacuum can move through the space.

3. Crate or Upholstered?

Crate-style furniture has bare wooden framing and cushions that can be easily cleaned or replaced. If your children are of an age to draw on the walls, they may also redecorate your new sofa. A crate-style sofa may be best until your children are a bit older.

4. Recliner or Plain?

There’s something lovely about getting home and putting your feet up. If you don’t have a footstool or space for single recliners, a sofa with reclining chairs may be a wonderful investment.

5. Choose the Right Fabric

Do you live in a cold country? An ice-cold leather sofa is not welcoming. Woven fabrics, even velvet or velour, may be much more comfortable. They will also be tougher to clean, so consider when and how your sofa will be used before you make your final choice.

6. What About a Sectional?

Sectional sofas offer a great deal of comfort, but they also need a lot of space. To that end, be ready to leave your living room in just one configuration for a long time once you get your sectional sofa.

If you’re on the tall side, remember that sectional sofas offer a long expanse from hip to knee. Your sofa may sit a bit low, but you’ll be able to stretch out in great comfort. Should you choose to incorporate a chaise section into your sectional, you have the perfect relaxation spot.

7. Formal or Casual?

A casual sofa generally includes more cushions; formal sofas might have a bit more old-world styling. A flat bench back and two seat cushions may be all the comfort your formal sofa offers; while it’s not uncomfortable, it’s not really a spot to sprawl.

Your casual sofa may have come with several back cushions or with built-in headrest pillows or upper back supports. Over time, these can droop, especially if your family spends a lot of time kicking back on your sofa.

A simpler and more formal, upright sofa can easily be made more comfortable. A crate sofa can be made a bit squishier with more pillows. The more attached cushions on your current sofa, the harder it is to clean and fluff up. Every household is different; plan accordingly.