8 Fun Ideas for Celebrating Your Boss’ Next Birthday

8 Fun Ideas for Celebrating Your Boss’ Next Birthday

You may be wondering what you can do for your boss to show that you appreciate them, but at the same time remain professional. It’s best to get them something that makes their work at the office easier. Settle for whatever adds the most value to their work lives.

1- A Smart Home Device

With just the sound of their voice, they will be able to automatize some duties for the day like to-do lists, checking the weather, controlling the volume on their phone, or switching off the lights. They can even help the owner keep a closer eye on family and answer a door remotely.

2- A Waterproof, Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This is a versatile gift that your boss can use indoors and outdoors. Maybe your boss loves listening to inspirational podcasts while she slaves away. She will appreciate a Bluetooth speaker that holds power for long enough. An outdoor Bluetooth speaker will also be a life-saver during a trip or outdoor parties.

3- A Desktop Organizer

Nothing can make work hours drag on like a disorganized office. A simple, space-efficient desk organizer can help declutter and sort things in the office. A neat desk will help your boss work more efficiently and come in handy if your boss keeps forgetting where he keeps things.

4- Cigars

For the bosses who are into the finer things of life, a quality crafted cigar may be a gift they will enjoy. They can enjoy it over some whiskey with some buddies. You can find a legit online store that sells luxury pipes, cigars, and tobacco products and can deliver them to your location.

5- A Food Delivery Subscription

This is a thoughtful gift for the bosses that work so hard they don’t even have time to eat. There are office catering companies that deliver hot, nutritious meals on a subscription basis. Find one that is accessible and surprise your boss with a few months worth of delicious food delivered every lunch hour.

6- Host a Potluck at the Office

You can organize with your co-workers for a potluck and drinks at the office on the day of your boss’ birthday. This is a great way to bond as a department and show off your cooking skills. You can even consider inviting your boss’ family members to make the moment more special. Just remember to plan in advance.

7- A Notebook Collection

A unique collection of journals are a perfect gift for bosses who love writing down their thoughts and plans. You can get them customized to suit your boss’ personality, passions, and hobbies. For example, a sports-themed notebook collection can fit a boss who enjoys and makes time for regular sporting activities.

8- A Water Bottle

”Stay hydrated” is everyone’s mantra this year. Your boss will appreciate a practical, leak-proof water bottle they can move around with all through the day. You can even get one with motivational markings that encourage the owner to drink.

In conclusion, the best gift idea for your boss is something that can help make their life at the office easier. Remember to find something that is personal but appropriate.