8 Great Ideas to Make a Beach Vacation More Enjoyable

8 Great Ideas to Make a Beach Vacation More Enjoyable

Sand, sea, and sunshine — these are three of the hallmarks of a great summer vacation. However, beach vacations can easily get boring. Without the right planning and activities, a beach vacation can easily feel redundant and like a waste of time. Here are eight great ways to make your next beach vacation more enjoyable.

1 – Read a Book

There’s a reason why you see so many people with books at the beach. The warm sun, calming atmosphere, and atmospheric sounds of waves create the perfect backdrop for some long-overdue reading. If you have a lot of books on your “to-be-read” list, consider bringing a few with you on your next beach vacation.

2 – Bring a Board

Whether you’re into boogie boarding or surfing, catching waves is a great way to enjoy time at the beach. Not only does it get you off the sand, but it also offers a great challenge for thrill-seekers and amateurs alike. Spend your next beach vacation honing these impressive skills and enjoying the beach from a new perspective.

3 – Take a Class

If you’re not confident enough to hop on a surfboard without training, then taking a class during your beach vacation is a great way to get started. Surfing, however, is often not the only class available at most beaches. Surfing, cooking, dancing, and other classes are available depending on the location of your vacation, and all of them offer exciting new ways to enjoy the idyllic scenery.

4 – Rent a Boat

If you’re tired of the crowds on the shore, then it’s time to hit the sea! Rent a boat from a local charter company and begin exploring the open ocean. This is a great way to get away from other tourists and crowds and enjoy time with the people you came on vacation with. Many boats allow you to eat, drink, and even pull wakeboards or towable tubes behind them. Renting a boat is a fun and relaxing way to create valuable memories on your beach vacation.

5 – Try a New Restaurant

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s easy to fall into familiarity with food on vacation. Between grabbing convenient food on the go and returning to familiar favorites, redundant food choices can make a beach vacation feel boring. Instead, try a new, local restaurant to better familiarize yourself with the local cuisine. If you’re feeling adventurous, try something you’ve never heard of before that’s local to the area.

6 – Go Fishing

Where there’s water, there are fish. Rent rods from a local shop and talk to locals about the best fishing locations. Not only will you spend a relaxing day fishing, but you’ll also have the chance to better know the community and culture. At the end of the day, you may even leave with a few catches in your bucket.

7 – Fly Kites

Beaches are picturesque and relaxing, but they’re also famously windy. Often, you’ll find a kite shop or two along many popular beaches. With its strong winds and large open spaces, beaches are one of the few places that you can successfully fly kites. Bring your loved ones to pick out a beautiful kite and spend a few hours getting it into the air. If you’re into something more exciting, you can even purchase a stunt kite to test your skills.

8 – Try Snorkeling

Some beaches have wildlife close to the shore. Reefs, wake pools, and inlets offer great opportunities for snorkeling. If you’re tired of enjoying the water from ground level, rent a snorkel and explore life below the surface. Snorkeling is a great opportunity to see sea creatures and other wildlife in their natural habitats, and depending on what you find, can make for a memorable experience.

Finding the right blend of activities is the chore of any vacation planning. Luckily, choosing a beach vacation means having endless opportunities for new experiences, conversations, and culture.