A Guide to SMS Marketing and How it Works

If you are an outbound marketer, then you will probably be keen to use tools that you already have that possess the ability to market your services, or products to a mass market, quickly and efficiently, and who wouldn’t? Business is tough these days, fewer customers in-store is a problem and, the online market is so competitive that it can be really hard to stand out from the crowd. Making full use of a marketing method that is already part of your arsenal could make all the difference. If you don’t already make the most of what SMS marketing can offer, then you should plan into action and certainly take note of the following;

What are some of the most prevalent applications for bulk SMS marketing?

  • Offers tailored to you

Most people will probably agree on how daft it looks, if a company sends marketing material to an existing customer, promoting something that they already have or use. Quite often there are ‘deals’ for new prospects to try and entice them into becoming a customer so, you could use the services of https://www.prodocom.com.au/products/sms and eliminate sending an SMS to the wrong people because they can market to specific groups, that means that they can tailor your offers depending upon who you are trying to sell to.

  • Promotions that need immediate action

As you will already know, sending a text message is really easy, it’s even easier to read one so when you need to send a promotion or, advertise something really efficiently SMS is ideal. You can send to all contacts or just specific groups of people if you need to address a certain demographic and, there is much research to confirm that SMS is one of the most effective forms of getting someone’s attention, they nearly always open or read the message.

Why is bulk SMS marketing such good value for money?

  • Cost-effective

For starters, bulk SMS marketing presents organizations with a load of advantages, starting with the fact that bulk text messaging is one of the most cost-effective ways to interact with people. You can reach hundreds, thousands, or even millions of clients, or prospects regardless of where they are in the world. When compared to the expensive cost of generating and delivering other digital and physical marketing material, SMS marketing can slash marketing in half for any business if used properly.

  • Direct communication 

Text messages are the most direct way to reach customers and, with over 5 billion mobile users worldwide it makes absolute sense to tap into an audience of that scale. Businesses have the opportunity of reaching a global audience directly to the palm of their hand, with extremely little effort, you wouldn’t even need to employ somebody part-time to do the job.

  • Global market 

On top of all of that, according to a recent study, your average person will spend more than five hours each day on their mobile device so you have a good window of opportunity to get your message across, social media is good for advertising but, in the current climate, people are actually suspending their accounts due to overload of information. There is only so much controversial information that a person’s brain can handle before it decides, enough is enough.