A Guide to Sourcing Car Insurance Online

We are living in a digital age and vehicle insurance, like most other things, can be sourced from the online insurance company, which means you do not have to drive to their offices and the policy can be acquired online, giving you instant cover when you need it the most. Not only can you obtain immediate cover, the premiums are generally lower than when dealing with a traditional insurance company; indeed, some online insurers issue a price matching guarantee, which means they will beat any valid quote you may have had from another insurer.

Types of Car Insurance

There are 3 main forms of car insurance, which are as follows:

  1. Class 1 – Known also as comprehensive insurance, this covers all forms of damage that might occur, whether through an accident, vandalism, fire or theft. Things like windscreen cover and roadside recovery can also be included in the policy and for a car that is around 2 years old, or less, you are advised to take out comprehensive class 1 insurance.
  2. Class 2 – You would be hard pushed to find a better deal than 2nd class car insurance from Rabbit Finance, a leading insurance provider with a range of affordable policies and with a secure online payment, you have immediate cover and the policy documents will be mailed to your home address. Class 2 is the most popular type of car insurance, as it offers many of the Class 1 options at a much lower price, and when you are looking for the best value, class 2 is the obvious choice.
  3. Third Party, Fire & Theft – The most basic of cover, 3rd party insurance only covers damage caused to a third-party vehicle, plus they will pay an agreed amount should the vehicle be destroyed by fire or stolen. If your car is old, then third-party insurance might be the best solution, as it is the cheapest. Here are a few life lessons you may not have learned at school.

Comparing Quotes

The great thing about online solutions is that you can easily compare quotes from a wide range of insurers and check to see whether they offer no-claims discount and named drivers, which does save you money. Some online insurers are so confident their rates cannot be beaten, that they offer you a price match guarantee, meaning if you can show them a valid quote from another insurer, they will match it.

Service All Hours

You can take out car insurance online at any time day or night and when you buy a used car in the evening, you can take out immediate cover that will enable you to drive the car home. Instant cover means taking no risks, as driving without insurance is against the law regardless of the situation.

If you have already had a few quotes for insuring your car and would like to see if you can find a better deal, search online for cheap car insurance and you should find an insurer that will beat your lowest quote.