Advancements in Safety Technology Could Significantly Decrease Motorcycle Accidents

Semi-autonomous safety features for automobiles allow the car to accelerate, decelerate, change lanes or even come to a stop all without any interaction from the driver. These vehicles can stay in their own lane and some are even able to park themselves. This advancement in technology is focused on helping drivers avoid collisions. And while they still require the assistance of a real human driver, these vehicles are helping to make driving a nearly effortless task. 

The idea of using the same safety features for motorcycles may seem far-fetched. But you may be surprised at how effective they really are. Some of the new semi-autonomous safety features are now being tested on motorcycles and could help bring this trend to bikes in the near future. 

Could the Next Safety Feature for Motorcycles Be Semi-Autonomous?

Most motorcycle accidents are the result of automobile drivers not noticing the bike on the road. But that statistic could change if bike manufacturers are interested in adding new safety features like advanced vehicle communication systems. 

The C-V2X Safety System 

The system is known as Cellular-Vehicle-to-Everything technology or C-V2X, and it uses 5G mobile bands to effectively communicate with other vehicles on the road. It works by allowing the system to be aware of other vehicles on the road while allowing the other cars and trucks to be aware of the bike. Therefore, the car itself will be able to see the motorcycle its sharing the road with, even if the driver does not. 

With the C-V2X system, cars can apply automatic braking, or those that have semi-autonomous features can avoid crashes with bikes. In a demonstration for the system presented by Ducati and Audi, a car was shown avoiding a left-turn collision as well as a right-of-way crash at an intersection. 

The C-V2X system features multiple applications that could help more bike riders enjoy their time on the road without worrying so much about safety risks. This advanced technology may not be able to prevent every motorcycle accident, but it is a positive step in the right direction to decrease the number of injuries and fatalities that occur. While these new motorcycle safety features are expected to be highly effective, they are not yet available on all makes and models. Therefore, if you are involved in a crash, it’s imperative that you contact a Houston attorney for motorcycle accident advice. They can help you file a claim if needed so you may collect financial compensation for your pain and suffering.