Advantages and Disadvantages of Work Meetings

Advantages and Disadvantages of Work Meetings

Work meetings are one of the most quoted and debated topics in human resources. It is one of the fastest-growing job roles and is expected to grow in the coming year. The best thing about working with people is getting to know them better. This means one can build a collaborative team more efficiently rather than hiring new employees or replacing existing ones. Alexander Djerassi explains the advantages and disadvantages of a work meeting.

Advantages of Working With People

Working with people is more fun because one can see how people see things and react to things differently than one does. One also gets to know other people’s backgrounds, jobs, hobbies, and passions.

People can see how others see the world and how they do. This means they can form more effective relationships with people quickly because they don’t have to waste time looking for work. Better communication, increased productivity, fewer workplace disputes, reduced turnover, and improved customer service are advantages of working with people.

Disadvantages of Working With People

Besides the advantages of working with people, there are also some disadvantages of working with people.

Not all meetings are created equal: There may be some meetings that are easier than others. This can be due to personal factors, work preferences, or both.

One will spend more time looking at other people’s profiles than he would like to spend on his own.

One may not even get the time or the person they are looking for. A lot of meetings can take hours, and someone may not even get the person they are looking for.

Another disadvantage of working with people is that people don’t seem to like working with new employees. If a new employee isn’t precisely engaging or pleasant to work with, then I’ll probably fire them. However, people never really understand until they try it. One can schedule some time in their calendar for work meetings but will probably only get this out of themselves if they start doing it regularly. Or, when one has a family or other schedule difference, can they go to work on a weekend when there’s no weekend off and still be able to go home to a packed house on Monday? One will probably waste more time on these things during working hours with people than he would with other chores in his schedule.


Working with people is a great career choice if one is looking for a job where they will have a good time, learn many new skills, and build strong relationships with people. There are advantages to working with people, such as the feeling of collaboration one gets when working with people, seeing people differently, and gaining insight into someone’s character. There are disadvantages, such as the risk of developing insecurity if someone works with people who are not their friends and the limited possibilities of working with people in different roles. So, Alexander Djerassi believes that if one is interested in working with people, he should start looking now because there are plenty of openings.

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