Aftermarket Car Products That Are Worth It

aftermarket car parts

Choosing additions for your vehicle can be an excellent way to enhance your driving experience. However, some are just a complete waste of money. That includes both option from the dealership and third-party sellers. Check out these aftermarket products worth the money, as well as a few that aren’t. 

GAP Insurance

Offered by insurance companies, GAP is always an excellent option. If your car happens to be totaled, considered a total loss by the company, then they will pay you the fair market value of the vehicle. This is an excellent way to ensure your purchase is protected, especially if you need to make car payments.

Without GAP insurance, you could end up owing the remainder of the cost through financing without even owning the car anymore. This add on is also a cheap option. So, it’s in your best interest to buy this aftermarket product. 

Extended Warranty

Whether you’re buying new or used, extending your warranty is never a bad idea. Unlike GAP insurance, this option usually comes with a steeper price tag. Regardless, you can rest easy knowing that your warranty will protect against any unforeseen complications for years to come. 

Service Contract

Often called “mini-insurance,” a service contract can help you cover unexpected repairs and maintenance costs. It often covers out-of-pocket costs that your insurance will not, which can make it a worthwhile option. In the event that you need to hire a car accident lawyer, however, these costs are recovered in court. Service contracts are for non-accident incidents. 

Paint Protection

Believe it or not, this ad on is an excellent option for newer vehicles. In the event that weather or an accident damages your car’s paint job, you can rest assured that it will be restored to normal. Skip this option for older, used, and cheap vehicles.

Theft Protection

Before you think you don’t need this aftermarket product, consider the fact that a car is stolen every 23 seconds in the United States. Theft protection places near unnoticeable markings on your car that make it easier for law enforcement to identify. It can also come with cash compensation, helping you pay for a rental/replacement as well as insurance deductibles. 


When buying an older car, there might be modern tech items you would prefer to own that do not come with your purchase. There are countless aftermarket options for just about anything you can think of, and they’re worth it. Just make sure you find the right price online instead of at the dealership. 

Avoid These Add-Ons

There are dozens of aftermarket options that simply aren’t worth your hard-earned money. Dealerships and companies might try to convince you that these options are worthwhile, but you’re better off without them. They include:

  • Rustproofing – newer cars already have it 
  • Spoilers – only needed for high-performance models
  • Aluminum stem caps – aluminum and brass caps oxidize, standard plastic does not
  • Light bars – illegal in some states, pose a hazard for oncoming traffic, costly
  • Fuel additives – they don’t work, save some fuel injector cleaners
  • Window tints – illegal in some states, overly costly, not necessary
Paul Guerdo

Paul Guerdo