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Is My Car Totaled? Here’s How to Find Out

When it comes to your car, the worst thing that can happen is to have an accident that results in it being totaled. This can cost you money and leave you without transportation. Some people are unsure what factors would contribute to a car being totaled.  There are some ways to know if your car …

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Best First Cars Under $20k

With the prices of everything increasing, it’s hard to believe that you can still get a new car for less than $20,000. Even though the list gets shorter every year, there are still a few quality vehicles that won’t break the bank.  When making your first vehicle purchase, take a hint from these car accident …

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Aftermarket Car Products That Are Worth It

Choosing additions for your vehicle can be an excellent way to enhance your driving experience. However, some are just a complete waste of money. That includes both option from the dealership and third-party sellers. Check out these aftermarket products worth the money, as well as a few that aren’t.  GAP Insurance Offered by insurance companies, …