Amy’s Kitchen Offers Tasty Options for National Veggie Burger Day

Veggie burger with lettuce and tomato

National Veggie Burger Day is June 5 and Amy’s Kitchen is gearing up to celebrate in its very own way, offering plenty of options for fans seeking to partake in a meatless patty.

“We certainly are going to be celebrating Veggie Burger Day through our Amy’s Drive Thru business with promotions, giveaways, and other social media activity,” hints Amy’s Kitchen President Paul Schiefer.

Head’s up, Amy’s fans: The brand will be generously giving away one free veggie burger to every Amy’s Drive Thru customer to fete the day.

A big deal, indeed — that’s why Amy’s Kitchen currently offers three different selections with fresh ingredients and plenty of flavor. Fans dig into its Organic California Veggie Burger, Organic Black Bean Veggie Burger, and Organic Sonoma Gluten- and Dairy-Free Veggie Burger with relish — and the numbers of those chowing down on the meat-free deliciousness are growing.

Plant-based meat alternatives are rising in popularity. NBC reports that 90% of consumers eating nonmeat burgers aren’t even vegan or vegetarian. In addition to putting less stress on the environment, veggie alternatives can have health benefits such as being lower in calories and fat and higher in fiber. 

When Andy and Rachel Berliner co-founded Amy’s Kitchen more than three decades ago, they set out to establish organic, non-GMO foods for people in an evolving world. Today, their focus remains the same: to produce quality food.

“We wanted to make it easier and enjoyable for everyone to eat well,” Andy Berliner says in a video on “It means healthy and organic, natural foods. It means great-tasting foods, because people aren’t inclined to eat well if their food doesn’t taste good. We pioneered the whole frozen foods industry by making great-tasting foods.”

Every year, Berliner says they debut new products, but nothing is released until it undergoes rigorous taste-testing. He says his team genuinely cares about the food they’re ultimately putting on peoples’ tables. 

Organic California Veggie Burger

In 1989, the Berliners set out on a mission to craft the ideal veggie burger. After experimenting with many recipes, they created a patty with organic bulgur wheat, earthy mushrooms, walnuts, and vibrant vegetables. There’s even a light-in-sodium version available. Amy’s Organic California Veggie Burger made’s list of Best Grain-Based Veggie Burgers. It’s a thick patty, which makes it an excellent option to eat bunless or in a bun or wrap of your choice. This popular Amy’s Kitchen item has also garnered its fair share of stellar reviews on Minerva writes, “Amy’s California Burgers are closest to a hamburger I could find and yet stay with natural ingredients. Delicious on a bun or pita bread with lettuce, [vegan mayo], and pickles!” 

Organic Black Bean Veggie Burger 

Chock-full of corn, smoky chipotle, and black beans, Amy’s Kitchen Organic Black Bean Veggie Burger is a Mexican-flavor-infused take on the classic Amy’s veggie patty. 

On, Sarah B. writes, “This is one of my very favorite veggie burgers. It tastes great, has a wonderful texture, and makes an excellent sandwich whether baked or grilled. This is a value for the price and one I definitely recommend.”

There are ways to enhance this burger from Amy’s including a recipe on its website that proposes adding a little sweet heat to the mix by using maple syrup and mustard to kick things up a notch.

Organic Sonoma Gluten- and Dairy-Free Veggie Burger

The first step Amy’s Kitchen takes to make the Sonoma veggie burger is sauteing onions, carrots, and celery. As those cook down, mushrooms are mixed in. Quinoa is prepared in a separate pot.

Once all the ingredients are thoroughly cooked, chopped walnuts are stirred in. According to an Amy’s Kitchen YouTube video, the ingredients are then combined, formed into patties, and baked in a convection oven. Next, the veggie burgers are sent straight to a freezer. The patties are then removed from the freezer to be quickly packaged and transported back to the freezer to be shipped to grocery stores. 

Fans of the burgers have flocked to to express their appreciation for the brand through “love letters.” 

“It was great to try the best veggie burgers in the world,” California resident Beverly Alvarez writes. “If there was a rating higher than 10 stars, you would have it. I loved them. I’m the only one in my house that does not eat meat. So it is nice to find these Sonoma Veggie Burgers. I will buy these again and if I had my way, the freezer would be packed with only these. Thanks for making this.”

Amy’s Kitchen’s veggie burgers not only satisfy hunger cravings; they also make a positive impact on the environment.

“When we sell an Amy’s Veggie Burger, it’s only 10% of the carbon footprint of a traditional meat-based offering,” Amy’s Kitchen President Paul Schiefer explains. “So when you actually look at the overall climate effect of using plant-based foods and recognizing most of our consumers aren’t vegetarians but just eat plant-based food sometimes, it really has a pretty profound effect.”

Amy’s Kitchen: ‘Not Just the Food Is Sustainable’

In an additional nod to environmental awareness, Amy’s Kitchen is in the process of making its packaging even more eco-conscious. Schiefer says while about 75% of its packaging is already either compostable or recyclable, the brand is currently in late-stage trials to bring that number to 100%. “So we can be at a place where not just the food is sustainable, but the packaging itself is a truly closed loop and can be returned either to the soil as compost or to the recycler as fiberboard that can be used for another generation,” Schiefer lays out. 

While environmentally friendly packaging continues to be a focus of the California-based company, fans of Amy’s Kitchen’s veggie burgers can now enjoy their food of choice on the go through Amy’s Drive Thru. The healthy fast-food dining concept has locations throughout the Golden State in Rohnert Park, San Francisco International Airport, Corte Madera, Roseville, and, as of June 15,Thousand Oaks. 

Schiefer says that through the years, Amy’s Kitchen has historically celebrated National Veggie Burger Day with veggie burger tastings, recipe inspirations, and other events. The brand even did a pop-up drive-thru in New York City handing out free veggie burgers, fries, and lemonade to lucky New Yorkers. 

Talk about taking a bite of the Big Apple.

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