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There are many reasons why children get hurt at daycare. They can be playing with other children. They can trip and fall over, and much more. Sometimes, however, it can be because of the negligence and carelessness of the daycare facility and employees. In some situations, families are entitled to compensation for their children’s injuries.

Negligence that can cause child injury can come from inadequate supervision. Falls from equipment or over dangerous objects, ingestion of harmful chemicals and products, and playground injuries are common when daycare facilities are not properly staffed and supervised. Children are more prone to injury because of their inexperience and lower coordination. 

When there is a lack of supervision, negligence, or carelessness, children can seriously harm themselves. For example, an employee could step away from the changing table while changing a diaper, and the baby can roll off of the table. A daycare worker could leave the room, and a child could climb and fall from a high surface. Failing to control children can also lead to damages and injury. If children are too loud, they could accidentally trample or hurt younger children.

The United States Department of Health and Human Services gather data from 39 states in 2006. Five thousand three hundred twenty-one daycares were shown to be perpetrators of neglect or abuse. Many daycare providers are careful and safe, but these problems are still at a high rate in the country.

In Texas specifically, the Department of Family and Protective Services regulates all daycare facilities. This agency keeps daycares in check with regulations and compliance. They investigate abuse and accidents while also keeping a hotline for anonymous reports. They can be reached at 800-252-5400. 

There are many legal options following a daycare injury. First, make sure the child is properly cared for. Their health and safety is the number one priority. As soon as it is possible, collect a recollection of what happened from various employees. The more you can gather, the better of an idea you can get of what happened. The daycare will also provide an incident report detailing what happened and proof that you (the parent) was contacted.

Next, determine if you should pursue legal aid. You can contact an attorney for a daycare negligence case in Houston, Texas, who specializes in daycare negligence to determine if you have a solid case. You can request a free consultation to explain what the incidence was and if they believe you should proceed with your case. It is important to contact them immediately to increase the chances of winning your case. It is important to find a law firm that is experienced in day care injury cases. 

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