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Mint Mobile reviews: Coverage

Tracfone has some new competition in the pre-paid wireless world: Mint mobile. Mint mobile is a wireless service provider for one of the cheapest prices out there. You can buy 3 months for $75 ($25 a month), 6 months for $120 ($20 a month), or 12-months for $180 ($15/month). You can choose different internet plans and packages to customize your price from $15 – $45 a month. 

With Mint Mobile you will have access to coverage across all 50 states. The network speed is not so reported as being fast, but it doesn’t affect overall performance. You can also log onto their website and use the interactive map or enter your zip code to see the coverage in your area. 

The interactive map is colored coded by the type of LTE coverage offered in that area (grey for 2G, light green for 3G, etc.). It is even detailed to the point that you can click an exact location on the map, and it will show you if the coverage is available outdoors, in-vehicle, indoor residential, and indoor commercial. 

The device you choose (whether it be your own or a new one you buy with Mint) can also affect your coverage, along with many other factors. You can also learn how to improve your coverage. 

What affects coverage?

Terrain, weather, buildings, towers, and more can interfere with the service. 

What can I do to get the best coverage?

Turn off the device for at least 10 minutes once a week to let it clear and reset memory. You can also turn off apps in the background that may be running without you knowing. This can alter your coverage by making it slower. 

Why do I reset my device once a week?

When you turn your device off then back on it can help network issues, low signal, calling problems, freezing apps, and slow data. 

Why are there so many Gs?

The number corresponding with the G tells the speed of your coverage. 4G LTE is the fastest speed. 4G is the next fastest, followed by 3G, then 2G. 

Why is it limited?

The vice president of the company said that no one uses as much data as they think they do. If you’ll go to settings (or onto your account with your current service provider) on your phone you can see how much internet you use. You may be surprised how much you’re paying for how little you’re using. 

What does my phone have to do with my coverage? 

Newer phones get better coverage than those of their past. 

What to do when I don’t have signal? 

There are a few tips that can help you get better signal. 

  • Open a window or go outside
  • Keep your phone charged and avoid being around too many other electronic devices
  • Use Wi-fi
  • Hold your phone correctly or lift it higher
  • Turn your phone off and on
  • Stop any apps that are currently running

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