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Being a Tourist at Home

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Being a Tourist at Home

In these days of lockdowns and economic uncertainty it has become difficult to know what to do with our free time. Some of us have had quite enough of Netflix and chill and are getting atrophied brains from spending too much time on social media. If we are not allowed unnecessary travel, or if you can’t afford to go anywhere far, there remains one option that you may not have considered. You can become a tourist in your own city. There are many things you can do in your hometown that you would pay more to do somewhere else.

  • Get a Motorcycle: Part of the trick to enjoying where you live is to alter the perspective. One way to do this is to change the way you get around. Get yourself a motorcycle, or if you’re a couple maybe get two. But riding double would be even better. Everything looks different from a motorcycle; you get a much wider view. You experience the smells and the sounds, and you feel the fresh air on your face. Taking a slow cruise through your downtown or visiting nearby scenic or historical areas from a motorcycle, will change your perspective on places that you are probably taking for granted. You can shop for motorcycles at Wheels Motorcycles in Peterborough, a leading UK dealer with a good name.
  • Go for Walks: Another way to enjoy the area where you live is to go on walks. Walks are free, and they are good for your health. Go for a walk to get your dinner or go for a walk to work that dinner off. Head to different areas and start a walk from there. You can have some of the best conversations while you perambulate but leave your mobile in your pocket.
  • Try Out Your City’s Hotels: Once you enter a hotel, it doesn’t matter what city you are in, because the character of each hotel is different. Quite often the best part of a holiday is the pampering that you get at the accommodation. The brief time of luxurious living when you need only to pick up the phone and dinner will come. You can walk out to the pool and when you return, someone has made up your room and you can relax. This is an option for people with or without children, but if you can find someone to look after your young ones for a day or so, the holiday experience will be even more authentic.
  • Go Camping: You would be amazed how nice it can be to go camping in an area close to home. One advantage is, you don’t have to travel far, another is that if you forget something it is no big deal to go back and pick it up, If one of you are working during the day they can pop out to the campsite for evenings.

There are many things you would do on a holiday that you can do just as easily at home. You just don’t because that seems odd. But then you are not surprised to see others come to your area and enjoy themselves. The least you can do is give it a try. What do you have to lose?