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Larry Greenfield, a New York-based Fitness Guru, Shares Exercise Tips for Women Aged 40 and Up

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Larry Greenfield, a New York-based Fitness Guru, Shares Exercise Tips for Women Aged 40 and Up

Exercise is a critical component of living a healthy
lifestyle. Staying in shape can become increasingly difficult as you begin to
age. Fitness routines that work for women in their 20s aren’t necessarily the
same routines that will provide results and prevent women’s injury in their 40s
and beyond. In this article, Larry Greenfield – a New York-based fitness
trainer – shares a handful of exercise tips for middle-aged females to continue
their fitness journey to improve their overall physical condition.

Listen to Your Body

It is especially important to avoid injury as you age. Pay
attention to what your body is telling you as you work out. It is not uncommon
to feel increased strain in your joints or encounter trouble completing
exercise routines you used to tackle without issues. After the age of 40, women
begin to lose elasticity in ligaments and tendons and notice a decrease in muscle mass. To overcome these
changes, take additional time to warm up and stretch. If you encounter any
pain, don’t be afraid to change your routine or consult a personal trainer for
new exercise recommendations.

Increase Your

A common sign of aging is the reduction in calories burned
during the day and overall decline of the metabolism. To counter this slowdown,
consider increasing your amount of aerobic exercise. Exercises such as swimming,
cycling, and walking are great ways to shed unwanted calories while reducing
joints’ impact.

Strength Training

Don’t be afraid to incorporate bodyweight exercises into
your regimen. You can stay ahead of the muscle and bone loss curve by adding strength
training to your routine. Activities such as planks, squats, and push-ups are
easy bodyweight movements that can be added and modified based on your
challenge level to improve overall core strength, balance, and endurance.

Add Planks to Your

Women tend to experience back pain for the first time as
they approach 40 and beyond. One of the best ways to combat that pain is to
ensure you have a strong core. Incorporating planks into your workout routine
at least three times a week can help strengthen those abdominal muscles which
support the lower back.

Join a Group

Finding a group class or friends to work out with can help
add accountability to your routine. Many women encounter similar challenges,
and building a sense a community through classes can help encourage you to push
through those hard times. Group classes can also keep it exciting and

Try Yoga

While most exercise is commonly shown to increase
endorphins, there is growing support that yoga promotes the benefits of
reducing stress and helping regulate moods. For women, the risk of depression
rises significantly after the age of 45. Studies have found that yoga can
increase the GABA level, a mood-regulating neurotransmitter
commonly lacking in those suffering from anxiety or depression. Adding yoga
into your routine at least once a week can help improve moods along with other
benefits such as improved range of motion.

About Larry Greenfield

Larry Greenfield is
a certified fitness coach from New York
, NY, who specializes in
helping men and women over 40 get into the best shape of their life. Through
years of experience, he’s discovered that personalizing his approach to fit
each client’s needs and aiming for long-term results is the best path to
improve his clients’ lifestyle. When he is not working, Larry enjoys fitness,
art, traveling, and outdoor activities with his family.