Bitcoin Car of the Week: Maserati MC20

If you know nothing about automobiles, understand this: Maserati is the unofficial Italian word for luxury and comfort. Maserati was created out of a shared passion for automobiles and engineering. Carlo would lead the way, designing many of the single-cylinder engines that the company would go on to utilize. Upon passing in 1910, Maserati fell into the hands of Alfieri Maserati who would officially start the company on December 1, 1914.

Now, 100+ years later, the Maserati name lives on through continued releases of luxury automobiles. Most recently, the design team at Maserati has been focused on unveiling the Maserati MC20.

Maserati MC20: Luxury and Speed

Maserati has been discussing the newest MC20 sports car for quite a while now and finally, the wait is up. The Maserati MC20 is a glorious little two-seater coupe with a comfortable if minimalist cabin that is solely focused on the comfort and convenience of the driver. Crafted in collaboration with the engineering team at Dallara, this carbon-fiber vehicle has been engineered for success on the road and through the jealous eyes of pedestrians as it drives by.

Referring to Maserati Corse, the MC20 has only been released in its coupe-style while we still wait for the convertible option to hit markets at an increased price point. As most of the best features of the Maserati MC20 come stock and standard, this might be one of the few Maserati vehicles that you don’t HAVE to pay for premium upgrades.

While the MC20 may be a long way off from the racing concepts designed by Alfieri and Carlo, the MC20 reaches levels that the elder brothers only could have dreamed of. The MC20 is turbocharged by a V-6 engine that pushes out a fierce 630 HP. The Nettuno engine uses a special twin-combustion system that has been in use by Formula 1 race car drivers.

According to the team at Maserati, the MC20 can hit 62 MPH in less than three seconds before hitting an overall top speed surpassing 200 MPH. This kind of power and speed should be driven responsibly, but the slick handling and light wheel make it almost too easy to drive. With the sharpness of modern racing cars, the MC20 redefines how speedsters look at their relationship with the road.

Before you buy Maserati with Bitcoin, you’ll likely want to take a closer look at some of the unique features affixed to the interior of the vehicle. The MC20 is fortunately stocked with new features and technological advancements to keep every driver feeling like the main character in a Marvel movie. The interior of the cabin features upscale soft materials that look ripped from the pages of your favorite racing magazine. The carbon-fiber trim, contrast stitching, and shiny aluminum pedals all work together to create something pulled from a movie.

Outside of the decorative elements, the interior of the MC20 is clean, minimalist and beholden only to the most important of controls. The cabin has a digital reverse mirror that relies on a rear-facing camera to feed imagery to the cabin.

If you are ready to buy a car with Bitcoin, the upscale Maserati MC20 has plenty to offer!