Why Investing in Real Estate is a Good Idea

In the world of financial investing, new kinds of investments seem to appear on the market a couple of times each year. In 2021, for example, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) emerged from the world of cryptocurrency blockchain development, and they captured the attention of news media outlets for a few months. NFTs are instruments that can represent everything from digital paintings to videos and from music to specific Twitter messages. There is also an emerging market of binary options where investors essentially play a numbers game similar to the Italian lottery of New York City, but the underlying instruments are stocks traded on Wall Street.

For all the novelty of NFTs and binary options, such instruments tend to fizzle after a while because they lack the substance and staying power of real estate, one of the oldest investment assets in history. With a few exceptions, investing in real estate will always be a good financial move as long as you know what you are getting into. Property investing is a business activity that has been conducted since ancient times, and it is unlikely to ever go away for the simple reason that everyone needs a place to live.

Real estate investing goes beyond acquiring properties; there are many ways you can get into this segment of finance, and you do not even need a lot of capital to get started. Here are a few reasons that explain why investing in real estate always makes sense:

Real Estate is Not a Zero-Sum Game

In game theory, zero-sum situations imply that participants can only obtain gains from the losses of others. This is the case with investments such as currency pairs in the forex markets, whereby successful traders will profit from the losing positions taken by their peers. When you look at the number of homes for sale in Toronto, for example, it is irrelevant whether there are enough prospective buyers. While it is true that housing markets go through cycles in which they will favor buyers or sellers, none of these participants need to lose in order for their counterparts to benefit; in fact, the real estate market is filled with win-win situations that negate the simplicity of zero-sum scenarios.

Real Estate is a Perfect Information Game

Similar to Wall Street, the real estate market presents participants with access to various levels of information that can help them make educated investing decisions. The real estate listings you pull up on your smartphone, for example, can be accessed by others who either have the same mobile app or URL. Market data such as housing supply, the pace of new construction, similar appraisals, real estate sales, and forecasts are all available to prospective investors.

Real Estate is Malleable in Terms of Appreciation

When you purchase a Canada Premium Bond, is there anything you can do to boost its value appreciation? Unfortunately, the answer is no, but this is not the case with real estate, which is an asset that you can force to appreciate with actions such as renovations, staging, market timing, and catering to specific home buyers such as foreigners. Real estate is one of the very few investments that offer this opportunity to develop appreciation.