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Buying or Selling a Property During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Buying or Selling a Property During the Coronavirus Pandemic

With the spread of the
coronavirus things have gotten incredibly difficult for business owners and
individuals in all kinds of industries. If you are thinking about buying or
selling a property during the pandemic, do not be put off by the current
climate. It is possible to buy or sell a property without having to worry about
the virus. Once you take precautions, everything will be fine.

Use a Real Estate

There are many
companies online who can help you buy or sell a property; you do not even have
to visit them. Get in touch over the phone or contact them through email and
explain your current situation. Affinity Property
continues to work with clients during the outbreak and they have adapted their
services to ensure buying and selling is safer than ever.

You can have someone
come to your home and assess the property if you want to sell. If you think
this is not a good idea, send a detailed portfolio of pictures, showing your
home from all angles. But it can be hard for a person to put a price on your
property if they have not seen it in person.

Virtual Tour

If you do not feel
comfortable with having someone over to your property who is not part of your
immediate family, a virtual tour is a good option. If you are not familiar with
how a virtual tour works, you can get in touch with a property service and ask
for their assistance.

A virtual tour is
basically a tour of the property using technology, there is no need to be there
in person. If you are selling a property, you can walk around the premises and
make a film of the building. Similarly, if you would like to buy a home, an
agent can give you a virtual tour of the property, streaming a live video that
shows every room and outside area. A virtual tour can be done using social
media sites such as Facebook or Instagram.

A professional
property service will summarise their findings and provide with relevant data
to help you sell or buy a property.

  • Key
    selling points
  • Demand
  • Market
  • Other
    properties currently in the market

Property Auctions

One of the best ways
to buy or sell a property during the pandemic is online auctions. Nobody has to
physically attend the auction; all you have to do is be there in a virtual
sense. This platform gives a buyer or seller a chance to watch, register, bid
and buy a property without having to set foot in it. It is an interactive
method that has proven successful.

There are many ways to
buy or sell a property during the coronavirus pandemic. You do not have to
physically visit a property or have many people come to your home. With the
help of technology, you can buy or sell online using virtual tours and online
property auctions. Contracts can be signed digitally, so you never come in
contact with the buyer or seller.