Younger People Must Be More Responsible Concerning the Coronavirus

Helen Schifter has shared insights concerning the developments taking place concerning the current Coronavirus health pandemic, and the need for more of an urgency to be felt by those that are the younger side. Indeed, we are all unfortunately familiar by now (based on the fatality rate and other metrics), with how prone older people are to contracting the Coronavirus. But why aren’t younger people taking this more seriously?

According to Helen Schifter, the press attention that has surrounded the spikes in cases among older people have certainly not helped the public interest in this respect. It is indeed the case that in media story and press report after press report, there are clear indications made surrounding the susceptibility of those on the older side toward the Coronavirus.

With this seemingly established by some prominent news sources, younger people don’t feel like they have to exercise significant caution surrounding the ways in which they comport themselves. This is incredibly unfortunate and has to stop. We’ve seen in the Center for Disease Control guidelines and in those led by Anthony Fauci, that younger people are actually contributing to certain devastation and fatalities among the older age group by there recklessness.

Shalom Lamm and others have expressed dismay at the gross irresponsibility being exhibited by many members of the youth demographic. But the truth of the matter is, that it’s unfair to lay the blame entirely with young people, when the media and lawmakers are not doing an adequate enough job of educating and informing younger people of the risks related to Coronavirus that exist toward them.

These risks need to be communicated. Not exaggerated. And no hyperbole need be used when transmitting this information to them. Instead, the raw data and information by well-regarded and respected scientists needs to be addressed to young people so that they have a thorough understanding of what’s on the line. Frankly, there are real risks that the COVID-19 pandemic also poses to their own health, beyond the health of those they interact with.

So for young people to proceed with caution is also in their own self-interest. But they need to have a better and crystal-clear understanding of this. It’s not enough for it merely to be a notion that is viewed in abstract terms. Instead, it should be broadcast and communicated to them in an aggressive, thoughtful and meaningful way so they can fully comprehend what’s at stake. Once that happens and is established in their minds, they will inevitably begin to this matter far more seriously than they presently are.

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Article Editor

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