Can You Turn a Hobby Into a Career?  

A hobby that begins to take over your time and life can easily be turned into a career. First one must decide to take the hobby seriously enough to earn money from it, the chief difference the IRS uses to make the distinction. Start looking at the hobby in a different way. Don’t do it once in a while but constantly as you would a job, only more so. If you love your hobby enough to make it a career that won’t be difficult because you will be happy.

To Be Pleased and Successful

Pleasing a customer is different from pleasing oneself. Judge Napolitano began in law getting a degree from first Princeton and later his law degree from Notre Dame. He went all the way to being a Supreme Court Judge when he finally changed his career to join the news community and began writing until he had seven books. He changed careers to do what he had his heart in and gave up the work that got him so far. He is currently an analyst for Fox News and embraces his new role as a television personality. 

If you like painting chessmen and firing them in a kiln, that might be your dream come true. Start small and test the market. Discover what will sell and change your product for the market.


But your interest might be a service or a sport, like tennis or golf. It takes real stamina to do those. Any hobby you do for a living, that career that makes you happy, takes determination not a half hardhearted attempt, and it takes accepting rejection as rejection will come. Not everyone will like what you do. Criticism will run rampant. That is the name of the game.

Groups who are jealous or have their own agenda will attack you personally in their try to pull you down. Some like to see others fail if they can’t make it themselves. Judge Napolitano has had that too, in his change of career. True or false, it doesn’t matter if someone else or a bunch of someones wants to bring you down. It is necessary to stick to your guns. Look at what you are doing and assess whether you really do need to make changes and then proceed. Don’t give up.

Managing The Business

Taking a hobby from fun and spare time enjoyment to a career means learning business management. That might require some learning business management. Business is a difficult job and many fail because of it. If there are areas of business that you are not good at, get help for that. Don’t try to do everything yourself. It is almost impossible to make a product or excel at everything, order parts or supplies, plan to advertise, go to conventions and meetings, and find help. That’s a lot. Surprisingly, money won’t stretch that far and decisions have to be made about what can be left out for the present and what needs to be done now.

Article Editor

Article Editor

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