Careers in Customer Service

It is every company’s goal to ensure each customer is happy with the services offered. When customers have a fantastic experience dealing with a company, they buy more, which helps revamp the company’s Return on Investment (ROI). There are several strategies companies employ to increase customer experience. One of them involves offering quality customer services in every step of a customer’s buying process. Whether before, during, or after the purchase, employees in a company should adjust themselves to offer any help customers need. The company’s overall performance is much more dependent on the customer services provided by the team of employees or the support group. That’s why there’s a need to employ an experienced team with appropriate skills to handle any customer. There are several roles employees play to ensure there’s efficient customer service. They include roles such as:

  • Solving any problem that customers experience with the product or service, such as technical issues.
  • Informing customers on how a product or service works.
  • Ensure customers complete the transaction process happily and are satisfied.

Retaining this friendly relationship with customers to make sure they come back to buy more is not an easy task. The whole idea of ensuring that effective customer service is maintained boils down to how employees treat all customers. Alexander Djerassi believes that it’s hard to ensure employees provide excellent customer service. Some reasons make customer service a tough job for employees. Two major ones that Djerassi believes are the absolute hindrances include.

1. Employees Are Not Paid Much

Most companies don’t pay their employees enough. Employees who perceive that companies fail to pay them for their services feel unmotivated to do the job. Employers who fail to appreciate employees with better payments negatively impact the company’s overall performance in the long run. Employees fail to feel part of the company and don’t see the need to stretch beyond their means for the sake of the company’s success.

Unhappy employees won’t serve customers appropriately. They feel like there’s nothing to gain if they sacrifice to offer top-notch services to customers. Giving employees promotions, rewards, or pay rises can go a long way in motivating them to provide quality customer services.

2. Difficult Customers to Deal With

Employees should handle many different customers. They should learn how to treat customers equally. Customers will come in with different needs and all looking forward to being served well. Some will be easy to handle, while others will prove challenging to handle. It’s the role of employees to know how to handle demanding customers when serving them. This makes the customer service job challenging to navigate.

Employees know that every customer means a lot, and they need equal treatment to ensure repeat business. This is what contributes to the success of a company. But when employees encounter aggressive, indecisive, or highly critical customers, the whole process of offering quality customer service may prove difficult.


Customer service can make or break the overall performance of a company. The people who are mandated to offer customer services are the employees. But the task of ensuring there’s high-quality customer service is difficult. Alexander Djerassi believes that employees find it tough to provide quality customer services because of inadequate payment, and there are many troublesome customers to handle. They feel demotivated, detached, and don’t care about the overall performance of the company.

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