The Modern-Day Coach Carter in North Dakota

Coach Carter is an iconic figure for all basketball enthusiasts and players alike. Even regular moviegoers would know the story and the degree of influence coach Ken Carter has on young and aspiring basketball players. It is undeniable that his stringent methods paved the way for his players to live meaningful lives inside and outside of the court. However, in this generation, tough love is no longer the trend to learn how to dominate in the court and to become a responsible individual. Basketball has also adopted the holistic approach of teaching and learning.

Mark Kinnebrew grew up playing basketball and loving every aspect of the game. He has been coaching and training since 2002. In 2015, he met Micah Lancaster, the founder of I’m Possible Training (IPT), who is arguably the best in the business and has been working with and learning from Micah since then. Through their union, his crushed dream of playing professionally transitioned into an unexpected career that brought him fulfillment and abundance through coaching.

Today, he is a certified trainer of IPT and is known as one of the best trainers in the country. He primarily focuses on skill enhancement. Aside from that, he also helps basketball trainers create thriving businesses of impact as the founder of Kinnetik – Court To Cash.

I’m Possible Training

IPT is recognized as the world’s largest basketball training organization, with thousands of certified and educated trainers. The organization offers the world’s leading Skill Enhancement Trainer Certification, designed to equip aspiring trainers and coaches with skill enhancement knowledge and opportunities to elevate their careers within the basketball training industry.

IPT North Dakota

Skill Lab is the official training facility of I’m Possible Training (IPT), which is inspired by Kyrie Irving, proven by Victor Oladipo, and experienced by NBA players to kids all around the globe. There are Skill Lab facilities in several locations, within and outside of the United States. Specifically, these are located in Michigan, Miami, Las Vegas, New Jersey, Salt Lake City, North Dakota, and Beijing. The renowned Skill Lab facilities are designed to execute the checklist of over 700 skills and methods set by IPT. Here, trainees will experience utilizing intimate and efficiently designed training spaces.

In North Dakota, there are two Skill Lab facilities, specifically located at Bismarck and Williston. In IPT North Dakota, individuals can avail of their Skill Lab Membership, All-Access Membership, personal training, IPT-KIDS, and PT-Academy. They can also participate in shooting clinics, footwork clinics, and 3-on-3 leagues.

Training with Mark

Mark offers his expertise and services through his Personal Training Academy, which is attended by players from around the world every summer conducted in the Bismarck Skill Lab. Each week, he caters to a maximum of ten players to have the opportunity to train with him at the IPT-North Dakota Skill Lab, covering the same skills training curriculum used with NBA superstars. The limited number is to ensure that trainees get sufficient supervision and guidance from Mark.

If you want to know more about Mark Kinnebrew and train with him and IPT, you can reach him through Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also visit his website and the I’m Possible Training North Dakota page.