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Does China and the US Have a New Farm Trade Accord?

President Trump’s office memoed reporters last week that he has broken the ‘tariff wars’ blockade with China by implementing a ‘phase one’ trading deal with Beijing, which will guarantee massive agricultural purchases of American products by the Chinese in the coming year. The reason this statement has not received more notice is that the Chinese …

China to Allow Foreign Investment in Insurance Industry.

The Chinese government announced yesterday in Beijing that they have reversed a half century policy of excluding foreigners and foreign companies from investing in the lucrative insurance industry in China. The latest statistics show that on average a Chinese male in his mid-30’s holds nearly a quarter of a million dollars in various life insurance …

Agio — Industry Leader in IT Outsourcing for Hedge Funds

Agio is an information technology (IT) outsourcing company with their corporate headquarters located in New York, New York. Within the overall domain of IT outsourcing, the firm has a particular strength in assisting hedge fund companies in this process. The need for a better means of managing the IT infrastructures in this particular business sector …