Choosing the Right Bedroom Set

Choosing bedroom furniture is a huge decision as you want pieces you will love for several years. Knowing your particular needs will allow you to select furniture that is inspirational and comforting. Before you start shopping, you want to ensure everything fits nicely in the space, so it’s important to assess the room.

Envision your new space and draw a layout of the floor plan. You want to move about the room easily, so take measurements and check them against the furniture dimensions. Your bed is the centerpiece, so it’s the perfect place to start. Once you determine whether a king, queen, full, or twin bed will occupy the space, the next step is to locate the best spot for it to be placed.

The bed size and room proportions will decide whether the frame should be central or against the wall. From here, you can arrange the other pieces you’ll need, which will largely depend on your storage requirements. If you are a collector of clothes and accessories, having the right amount of storage is a priority. Luckily, there are tons of options.

Storage beds offer compartments to tuck away your casual wear, and shoe closets can keep your footwear organized. An ottoman or bench can come with storage and double as extra seating. Multifunctional furniture is great if you use your bedroom as more than just a sleep sanctuary.

For instance, you can apply your makeup at a vanity and use it to complete paperwork. If you like to watch Netflix on your tablet or check emails on your laptop before bed, why not get a frame with USB charging.

If you are designing the bedroom for a child, a computer desk for remote learning or finishing homework would be a useful addition. Or, if they’re serious video game players, you may want to consider a gaming chair for their desk.

You should look at television stands that double as dressers if you watch tv in bed. Consider investing in an adjustable base for the bed, as it will raise you to a comfortable sitting position during your television viewing.

Now it’s time to decide on a style, material, and color. What mood are you trying to establish? Do you want the light, airy feel that coastal furniture and beachy colors convey? Or do you prefer a casual, cozier mood with plenty of plush fabrics?

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