Dan Snyder: An Entrepreneur Focused on Charitable Ventures

As a self-reliant entrepreneur, Dan Snyder has always felt passionate about helping others, the value of team membership and his local community. Snyder was raised in the Washington, D.C., area and attended the Redskins, now known as Washington Football, games with his dad. Gerald Snyder was a big influence on the youngster, inspiring him to feel positive emotions about the team. Daniel Snyder purchased Washington Football Team in 1999 and was responsible for helping his team become prominent in the Washington, D.C., area, the Football League and other business establishments. Focusing on performing good works in the community, Dan Snyder influenced the team to raise sizable amounts of money for various charitable organizations. The team has also managed to gain merit as a valued sports franchise.

Daniel Snyder is recognized as an important philanthropist. In 2000, he connected his Washington Football Team with other prominent business owners when he created the Washington Charitable Foundation. His foundation continues to represent a positive force in the community with its emphasis on health and education. Mr. Snyder’s programs were responsible for donating approximately $29 million to various local organizations and private individuals. In 2019, the Charitable Foundation hosted more than 115 educational workshops and family events. Dan Snyder’s efforts helped many children improve their reading skills via his popular Read Program. Also, he started a wellness program dedicated to helping thousands of seventh-graders maintain their health.

The Charitable Foundation recently expanded the Loads of Love program focused on helping homeless people by installing laundry rooms in various buildings. The free program helps numerous children by providing them with clean clothing so that they can attend school without feeling self-conscious. Dan Snyder’s mission as a philanthropist has expanded to assisting people living in the Bahamas and Haiti. His philanthropic efforts involved helping people whose lives were negatively impacted by Hurricane Matthew in 2016 to delivering medical supplies via Washington Football team members. Furthermore, Snyder’s disaster relief efforts were known before 2016. Dan Snyder provided a substantial sum of money to help people during the Thailand and Indonesia tsunamis in 2004 Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Snyder supported building the Snyder Family Emergency Medicine and Trauma Center when he was a board member at the Children’s National Hospital Foundation Board of Directors. The charity assisted runaways and their parents. The Snyder’s received special recognition for their efforts at the Hope Awards Dinner sponsored by the Charles B. Wang International Children’s Award.

After the George Floyd murder in May 2020 and the Black community’s call for support, Dan Snyder donated $250,000. Additionally, Snyder donated $100,000 to the local food bank in the beginning days of the COVID-19 pandemic. He also helped create a COVID-19 testing site in Prince George county. His Washington Football Team donated $35,000 to restore the Ashburn Colored School located in Loudoun County in 2016. Snyder also helped the military and worked with the Gary Sinise Foundation. The foundation was responsible for creating a smart home for a paralyzed veteran, Capt. Luis Avila. Avila was also an enthusiastic Washington Football fan throughout his life. Capt. Avila’s paralysis occurred while serving in the U.S. Army.

Snyder won the Youth for Tomorrow’s Distinguished Leader Award in 2010. The organization sponsored a private residential school located in Bristow, Virginia. The school offered residential care for approximately 900 homeless children and teens from the District of Columbia and the Northern Virginia area.

In 1985, Dan Snyder founded Snyder Communications Inc. and was also the CEO of a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Snyder Communications Inc. expanded to become a worldwide organization comprised of 12,000 employees located in 17 different countries. In addition to his many charitable contributions, Dan Snyder founded the Board of Red Zebra Broadcasting LLC, an organization operating radio stations focused on airing Washington Football games and local programs. Snyder is also involved with advising business owners throughout the United States. Dan Snyder was recognized by the Greater Washington Jewish Sports Hall of Fame for his numerous achievements. Dan and Tanya Snyder live in Potomac, Maryland. The Snyder’s are the proud parents of three children.

For more information about Daniel Snyder, visit: https://americanfootball.fandom.com/wiki/Daniel_Snyder

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