Job Market Expands As Covid Fears Subside

The job market seems to headline at least one story on the morning news every day. Yet, it’s difficult to understand what those statistics mean for you. Vicarious experience is often a less effective teacher than we would hope. Nevertheless, despite poor performance last year, things are turning around in many industries.

Key Highlights

  • Job Growth Is at Historic Highs
  • Unemployment Rates Have Fallen From Last Year
  • As the Economy Reopens, Experts Predict Further Improvement

The Most Important Developments in the Job Industry

We understand it. You don’t have enough time to parse through the financial headlines every evening. With a full-time job and a family, you’ve got more than enough on your hands. For that reason, we’ve put together a helpful little analysis. That way, you can get the most relevant information. All without having to read through a bunch of filler material.

A Dramatic Shift to Remote Work

First, we need to highlight something. In what is the most substantial transformation so far, now more people work from home than ever. When the nation locked down, many companies switched to this model. Nevertheless, once the country reopened, many of them continued with the new model. Thus, tons of people who worked in an office last year are working from home now. Therefore, if you want a remote work opportunity, there’s never been a better time to find one. Think of all the things you can do at home. For instance, you’ll have more free time. Instead of commuting, you just step out of the home office. That could be several extra hours per week right there.

Major Movements Away From Previous Employment Meccas

Along with this shift, many companies are moving away from major metropolitan centers. Even though the effects are residing, its long-term impact continues to be felt in New York City. From there alone, several of the nation’s largest financial institutions have moved headquarters. Of course, with each of these transitions, people’s lives are affected. Some of them pack up and go along. Others simply lose their jobs. Either way, the positions need to be filled. We think you might have a chance.

Vaccine Release Has Opened Many Retailers

After many long months, several vaccines have finally been released. During the heights of the pandemic, those were the Holy Grail of our hopes. Now, most of us can schedule one. Consequently, retail stores are beginning to open up. In some instances, retailers have gone from reduced capacity to full capacity. Along with the expanded business potential, the need for new hires is increasing. With multiple vaccines now available, immunization rates are increasing rapidly. Within a short span of time, social distancing will no longer be necessary. When that happens, we can finally go back to living our lives. Meanwhile, we promise to continue doing our part.

Healthcare Professionals Are Experiencing More Demand Than Ever

Of course, even though it’s effects are subsiding, the pandemic continues to rage on. If you happen to have health care credentials, demand is at an all-time high. Therefore, in some instances, people are earning triple what they did last year. For the same work, some hospitals are paying nurses over 300% more per hour. Currently, it’s unknown how long this situation will last. However, if you are a qualified healthcare professional, it’s a great opportunity. In the same span of time, a single week would earn you the equivalent of 120-hours pay. Plus, demand is up across the country. Thus, you can more or less decide where you would like to live. Suppose you’d like to see more of the West Coast. Then, there are plenty of job opportunities over there definitely.

Lots of Restaurants Are Hiring

During the national lockdowns, many restaurants were forced to close their doors. Now, market space has opened up. With the abundance of opportunities, we will see small businesses flourishing nationwide. When was the last time you tried a meal from somewhere new? Hopefully, you will get the chance to very soon. On top of that, you might snag a career position. Perhaps, you could do some IT work for one of the new businesses. On the other hand, you could work with the business more directly. For instance, let’s say you’ve got some accounting skills. If that is the case, you could be in charge of the company’s books.

Freelance Work Is Growing in Popularity

Nothing is more intrepid than the Spirit of an entrepreneur. Despite the prevailing economic circumstances, freelancers continue to break records. Have you ever considered opening up your own business of some kind? Most people do not even realize the opportunity is there. However, opening a business does not mean setting up shop in a brick and mortar store. Instead, you could offer a service. For example, do you happen to own a lawnmower? If so, you are only a few short steps away from registering a landscaping company. Suppose you need to generate customers. In that case, you can just go and knock on doors. Of course, you’ll need to follow local regulations. However, plenty of people would be happy to pay someone to mow their lawn. Even if they only hire you to get the HOA off of their back, It won’t be long before the business is booming.

A New Year Brings in Hopes of a New Beginning

If you are interested in jumping into the new and expanding job market the first thing you need to do is work on your curriculum vitae (CV).  Be complete, and honest about your education and work experience.  If you are unsure how to best structure your CV, look online for examples, or even a CV Template. Remember when you apply for a job, your CV is all that represents you in front of an employer, and it is the key to getting an in-person interview.