Daniel Calugar Picks the 3 Tech Trends That Will Impact Your Business in 2021

Technology is undergoing massive shifts and unprecedented growth. In 2021, we will see exciting opportunities for companies ready to embrace and capitalize on technology trends. Implementing the right tech solutions will give your organization the advantages needed to be successful. In this article, Daniel Calugar highlights the three major tech trends critical to companies’ success.

Remote Work and Education

This trend began years ago but was accelerated due to COVID-19. With the development of vaccines bringing lower infection rates, you might expect remote technologies to fade away, but that won’t be the case. Instead, expect remote opportunities to remain at similarly high levels. Even when fully remote options begin to taper off, hybrid solutions will remain available.

Companies have seen the advantages of having off-site employees through reduced expenses and higher productivity. Remote workers, realizing the benefits of working from home, are hesitant to return to the office. The largest hurdle – the learning curve for video conferencing, online project management software, etc. – has mostly been cleared. And with both employers and employees having already invested in remote-work equipment, this trend is here to stay.

E-learning is another remote opportunity that will continue to be widely accessible. In particular, colleges and universities are seeing the advantages of having students remain off-campus. Class offerings can be scaled digitally without affecting the existing infrastructure. Students are no longer tied to a geographical area and can attend classes from anywhere in the world, potentially saving them thousands of dollars per year in housing fees.


Another top tech trend going forward will be the automation of work processes. This option was forced upon many industries in 2020, as the sudden shutdowns kept most of their workforces at home.

In the manufacturing industry, workforce shortages became a serious issue for many companies. Organizations had to learn how to develop and deliver products more efficiently, and automation was the solution.

One of the prominent trends that have surfaced within automation has been the development of contactless and touchless mechanisms. With millions of employees suddenly staying home and stores closed or offering reduced hours, the proliferation of online shopping was a given. But, neither consumers nor delivery personnel want human interaction. The mutual demand for contactless/touchless options will drive the expansion and improvement of this particular tech.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the top tech trends to watch. Its applications are being developed for almost every industry.

In finance, AI is often used to detect fraudulent activity. Using predictive modeling, AI can often prevent fraud before it even occurs. The cost-savings to consumers, sellers, and financial institutions are astronomical.

In healthcare, AI solutions are being implemented for everything from interpreting medical images to vaccine development. As algorithms continue to improve, the medical industry will be seeing faster and more efficient processes emerge.

Technology is an ever-changing field, and new trends will continue to emerge. But for 2021, these are the trends that will be most vital to your organization.

About Dan Calugar

Dan Calugar developed a passion for investing as a result of frequent interaction with investment professionals who serviced the investment needs of his legal clients. As a tax partner with the Atlanta law firm of Hansell & Post and the global law firm of Jones Day, he incorporated his partnership interest allowing him to set up and serve as trustee for his own tax-qualified profit-sharing plan. Dan Calugar utilized his technical skillset to design computer programs that would assist him in making more effective investment decisions.