Spare Parts for Mining Equipment: Online Solutions

If you have a career in managing a mining facility, then the maintenance of your heavy mining equipment is a primary concern, as this equipment works round the clock and can go wrong at any time. Fortunately, there are online suppliers of mining equipment parts and components and they can save you both time and money.

Thermal Insulation Blankets

As you can imagine, the exhaust system of an excavator gets very hot and this presents a danger to employees, and with CAT 777G thermal blanket from Aletek, there is no risk of burns from the machine’s exhaust. Caterpillar is the major manufacturer of heavy-duty mining equipment and there are manufacturer-approved to sell genuine Caterpillar parts and extras.

Emission Control Systems

Lots of revving diesel engines produce a lot of pollution, which is why most companies have some sort of emission control system on their heavy vehicles and machinery. Indeed, this is law in Australia and mining companies have to comply with state and federal laws regarding emissions. There are online suppliers of emission control systems for all Caterpillar models and they will deliver to your facility, which saves you time and money.

Dual Skin Exhausts

Dual skin exhausts remove the danger of burns, while offering the following benefits:

  • Up to 30% saving on Total Cost Ownership.
  • No site welding needed.
  • Made in Australia

They have exhaust systems for all models of Caterpillar, which really is the only brand that counts and the units are in compliance with laws concerning emissions, safety and noise pollution.

Noise Suppression

Certain exhaust systems such as double skin units really do reduce the machinery noise, which is great for the driver/operator and those in attendance nearby. Direct fit solutions mean your mechanics can instantly fit the component, with no need to make any alterations, fit and forget is the best way to handle part replacements. If you have remote workers, here is an informative article with tips on how to make the transition, which is worth reading.

Rapid Delivery

When your dozer needs a repair, you don’t want the machine to be offline any longer than is absolutely necessary and with the online supplier, you can order round the clock and they will despatch the components asap. The supplier’s website make searching for parts a simple process and if you register and open an account, the process is even more streamlined and you no longer have to sideline essential equipment and can meet your monthly quotas.

Essential Logistics Partner

When you run mining operations around the clock, you need to be ready for breakdowns and if you need parts, time is of the essence. By forging an alliance with a mining equipment parts supplier, you have a quick and reliable solution to machinery breakdown and repair, which will ensure that your mining equipment is always online.

The Internet can help us in many ways, especially during the pandemic and by checking with the government for the latest Covid-19 updates, you can travel with some confidence.